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JCDecaux renews and extends its advertising concession with Madrid Metro for 10 years

By M4G Bureau - October 20, 2023

By the end of the year, JCDecaux will operate a total of 2,750 digital faces in Spain.

Following a competitive tender, JCDecaux has renewed and extended its advertising concession with Madrid Metro (5 million daily passengers on average), making it the most digitised JCDecaux-marketed metro in Europe and the first 100% data-driven advertising space in Spain. The digital transformation of the oldest Spanish metro network has started in August and will be completed by the end of the year.


The 10-year contract covers 3,100 traditional displays as well as more than 460 new, larger, sharper and more energy-efficient digital screens, extending their life cycle and making metro stations more efficient and sustainable. The new contract aims to deliver a
high-quality media space and to modernise Spain’s capital metro with up to 2,000 sq m of screens. It includes innovative and high-impact displays such as large-format screens and columns with an anamorphic effect, twin curved screens as well as “cinema formats”, a new type of large-format screen created exclusively for platforms, 142 of which will be installed in 39 key stations. A brand-new network of digital screens will also be created with nearly 300 high-definition screens across 100 strategic locations, mostly within the M30 perimeter, ensuring maximum coverage and visibility.

Technological innovation and a data-driven approach also play an important role in shaping new, more digital and intelligent advertising in metro stations. It will include measurement tools, an unprecedented milestone that will make it possible to fine-tune the calculation of impressions in close to real time and offer much more precise performance metrics. This new contract will also enable JCDecaux to introduce programmatic buying opportunities into the metro environment for the first time, following its launch in street furniture and shopping centres.


Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-Chief Executive Officer of JCDecaux, said: "We are delighted to have been awarded this strategic contract to digitise Madrid Metro, continuing our long-term partnership which started in 2007. JCDecaux has rolled-out an in-depth media transformation plan, including the introduction of large and iconic digital media opportunities to create memorable brand experience while offering one of the major communications-platform for brands. It will participate to enhance the Madrid Metro environment, further raising engagement and ultimately generating revenue to invest in delivering an even better commuter experience. It is one of our most ambitious projects to date in Europe and we want it to become a benchmark in terms of digitisation and sustainability. Metro advertising (OOH and DOOH) is an ideal canvas to create impactful and memorable campaigns, leaving a lasting impression on commuters long after their journey has ended. As the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, our vision is to deliver innovative and sustainable media assets that enhance communication, benefiting partners, people, advertisers and their brands.”


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