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Jagran Engage to offer static, digital, ambient media at Lucknow metro stations

By Bhawana Anand - September 21, 2017

The transit avenue will offer a gamut of advertising options including backlight media, floor branding, roof branding as well as responsive digital screens across 8 key stations

Jagran Engage, which has bagged the exclusive media rights on Lucknow Metro network, plans to offer a variety of advertising avenues including static media, digital formats and ambient advertising opportunities to brands. The stations will have backlit static media, scrollers, floor branding optins, roof branding and ambient media covering staircases, escalators, turnstiles, frisking panels/equipment, fixed/moveable panels, and elevator spaces. Product displays, sampling space and other innovation driven executions can also be done on the network.

With respect to DOOH, Jagran Engage has planned for media like smart posters, visual display by electronic media, projectors/holography or any other innovative advertising options such as installing digital advertisement panels in the form of LCD/LED panels, video walls or any similar format of advertisement.   

Commenting on the acquisition, Pawan Bansal, Chief Operating Officer of Jagran Engage, said, “We are delighted to have obtained the exclusive rights of Metro line in this city to further extend our media resources portfolio and capture the business opportunities. We have a bold vision for the Lucknow Metro that will transform the look and feel of advertising in the city, and the way that brands engage with consumers. This coupled with our inventory gives advertisers a valuable way to reach the highly sought after transit audience”.

“The Contract enables us to create an end-to-end media exposure strategy to capture the vast volume of commuters. Moving forward, we will continue looking for new corporation opportunities and optimise our existing media resources to create greater value for our clients,” he added.

As well as handling posters, bridge and duct panels and other traditional formats, Jagran Engage has rights to install “responsive digital screens” in Metro stations, which will be able to carry different ad campaigns according to the time of day in an attempt to target consumers more effectively.

Stressing on the first mover advantage these exclusive rights will offer in terms of client acquisition, Tanmay Tiwari, Associate Vice President, Jagran Engage added “This stretch of Metro caters to affluent airport traffic coupled with high millennial traveler traffic flowing in from ISBT and Lucknow Junction railway station, a highly sought after target audience by clients today.”

The contract starting from September 2017 to September 2026 includes complete station dominations with both internal and external branding rights totally 4,007 sq. meters.


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