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Indian Rail passenger volume increasing month-on-month

By M4G Bureau - July 07, 2022

Boost for rail media business

Indian Railways passenger originating data as reported on CEIC Data website shows that total volume reached a high of 500.62 million in May 2022, which was a significant increase over 455.88 million reported for April 2022. The average traffic volume per month for period April 1998-May 2022 is reported as 565.50 million, which points to the fact that the current average volume is reaching close to the pre-pandemic average.


The gradual increase in passenger volume augurs well for the rail media advertising business, more so as Indian Railways steps up railway station modernization, introduction of superfast trains, and improvement in passenger amenities.

The CEIC data shows that the highest recorded passenger traffic volume was 858.03 million in June 2014, whereas the lowest level was recorded in April 2020 when the first wave of Covid19 hit India.


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