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By M4G Bureau - April 03, 2023

Fabian He brings with him over 27+ years of professional experience.

Fabian Trevor Cowen, CGO,, newly launched by Nabendu Bhattacharyya, has announced the appointment of seasoned OOH professional Fabian Trevor Cowan as Chief Growth Officer (CGO). 

Fabian joins to drive growth and revenue opportunity initiatives. He brings with him over 27+ years of experience, working with top companies in the print, radio, television and OOH domains. He is a seasoned speaker at various marketing forums and is a D/OOH evangelist. 

Welcoming him on board Nabendu Bhattacharrya, Founder, said, “I am happy and delighted to have Fabian onboard as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at His passion for out-of-home, technology, creativity will strengthen our Thumbnailfoundation and truly matches our growth vision. His inherent collaborative spirit, positivity, and excellent mentoring skills are the capabilities that we want to build upon”. 

Commenting on his new role, Fabian said: “I am delighted to join My yearning belief in OOH, creative thinking and a data driven delivery coincided perfectly well Nabendu Bhattacharrya, Founder, Nabendu’s vision of a new approach. I believe it is time for us as an industry to work collectively towards the conscious elevation of the Out of Home ecosystem”.

Further Fabian reiterated. “Jazz is the notes you don’t play”. At our focus is on not playing to the gallery doing most of the things that have always been done but doing some of the things that have never been done, resulting in a symphony that captures the attention it so deserves” .


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