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Godrej Appliances launches value-based marketing campaign to target Kerala residential societies

By Bhawana Anand - September 02, 2020

In partnership with AIW Media, the brand used hand-sanitising kiosks as branding tool to announce the festive offers on the occasion of Onam

In order to reach the target audiences when there are sporadic lockdowns in the backdrop of the Covid19 pandemic, Godrej Appliances has launched a festive led campaign on the hand sanitising units, placed inside the gated communities in Kerala on the occasion of Onam.

Talking to Media4Growth, Swati Rathi, AVP & Head Marketing, Godrej Appliances, said, “This Onam has been challenging owning to the pandemic. The marketing spends have been sucked down and demand remains questionable. However, there is always a job to communicate about the offers and launches for marketing.”

As marketing is all about targeting the right audience at the right place, the brand planned to enter into the gated communities in Kerala. “Understanding the fact that there is 150% increase in people’s dwell time in indoor rather than outdoors and organising an event is challenging in this pandemic situation, we thought of utilising the hand sanitising units which have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life due to Covid19. Hence, this came across as an experimental initiative,” Swati added.

The initiative has been ideated and executed by AIW Media, an aggregator of residential society advertising. Deepak Srivastava, Director, AIW Media, said, “There was a clear brief from Godrej Appliances to target premium audience with a value-based marketing concept with call to action in order to drive footfall of their distributors and dealers. Hence, with the help of our hyperlocal tool we identified societies in Kerala and came up with a hand sanitising kiosk as branding solution. The advantage of targeting residential societies is that they reciprocate these activities with enquiries, lead generations and sales.”

This new concept of branding comes with its own set of challenges where the brand was concerned about the refilling kiosks on time to maintain its relevancy. On this Deepak added, “We have a strong operational structure in our organisation where there are strong teams on the ground ensuring smooth execution of the campaigns.”

Commenting on the creativity behind the kiosks, Swati said, “We always plan our messaging according to different screens such as TV, online, print and even Whatsapp which is the most compact place for communication. Similarly, a creative was designed for these kiosks which fitted well into the space.”

On applying the same concept at other mass avenues, Swati explained that it fairly depends on the number of audiences. While there is still reduction in number of passengers at airport and railway stations, the concept doesn’t go well there. Hence, the significance of the activity depends on the spends and return on investment generated through it.

Talking about upcoming marketing plan for the festive season, Swati said, “Everything has to be dynamic in the current scenario where people are behaving differently to each medium in different geographies; whether it is digital, TV, print or OOH. Therefore, the marketing plan also has to be agile and unique in nature depending on the conversion rate and support from the local partners.”



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