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GDX Studios launches Certified Health and Safety Initiative for Experiential Marketing Industry

By M4G Bureau - May 12, 2020

Experiential marketing company introduces “GDXtra Care” to ensure the safest environments possible for social gatherings

GDX Studios, a full-service experiential marketing company, announced its commitment to providing the cleanest and safest environment for future activations by launching the “GDXtra Care” Health and Safety Program. This 147-page manual details all the protocols that the company will institute once coronavirus lockdown restrictions are lifted as they set out to be first-to-market in leading the industry on how it manages activations going forward.

In the case of developing safe practices for events in the world of COVID-19, GDX Studios has spent the last eight weeks connecting with the following leading governing health, cleaning and safety organizations: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and ISSA. By adopting their guidelines and standards, clients and event attendees can feel confident that GDX Studios will create the safest environments possible for social gatherings – from venue selection and staff training to new practices at events which will be followed in every phase of planning and production.

“Once in-person events return, it is imperative that we have protocols in place,” said Founder of GDX Studios, Aaron Gaeir. “We’re making a commitment to all our clients and their attendees that health guidelines are enforced and that safety is top of mind before, during and after each gathering. Additionally, brands will need to trust their agency that they’ve gone the extra mile to keep their patrons safe. We’ve been doing this for 11 years, since before experiential marketing was called experiential marketing, and we felt it was our duty to once again lead our industry in this ever changing landscape. We know what it takes to create memorable events no matter the guidelines.”

As part of their preparedness, GDX Studios worked extensively with each organization while gaining certifications and accreditations in subjects relating to the virus. While traditionally these tools have been primarily utilized by people in the medical, professional cleaning and hospitality industries, GDX Studios felt it was paramount that they gain insight into establishing cleaner and safer environments at all future events. The team has put in the work and is ready to return to business with these practices in place.  

For more information on the GDXtra Care Health and Safety Program, click here.


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