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Empowering our neighbourhood shopkeepers with #TarakkeeKePankh

By M4G Bureau - February 08, 2022

ePayLater launches campaign created by Madison BMB

epay laterePayLater, a buy now-pay later payments platform for retailers, had recently announced a strategic, creative and media partnership with Madison World. The team at Madison BMB has conceptualised and created an integrated campaign that has gone live.

Speaking about the task entrusted to Madison World, Aurko Bhattacharya, Co-Founder, ePayLater, said, “We’ve invested in a lot of time and effort in creating a fintech platform that makes the process of availing credit easy for the kirana community. Madison BMB got the pulse of our audience and has created a heartwarming campaign for these unsung heroes of our country. The thematic brand film takes the lead in showcasing how ePayLater helps unleash the true potential of a small businessman by providing empowerment through financial freedom.”

Sunay Jain, Marketing Head, ePayLater added, “In the 360 degree integrated campaign  conceptualised, Madison BMB has not only highlighted the importance of these shop-owners in our lives, but also focused on how ePayLater is a catalyst for positive development in their lives.” 

Speaking about the creative concept behind the integrated campaign, Raj Nair, CEO and CCO, Madison BMB, said, “We have kept it real and simple. We all know that one local kirana shop owner who is an unsung hero in our lives. Come sun or rain, or even the challenges posed by recent lockdowns, they ensure we get our daily essentials. This integrated campaign for ePayLater is an ode to these kirana shop owners and revolves around how the brand is, in fact, not just a fintech product but metaphorically the wind beneath their wings. ePayLater takes pride in their achievements and watches them grow their business and prosper. In order to ensure maximum reach and impact within our audience group over a period of time, we’ve taken the essence of the campaign beyond the thematic film into digital media and shop level activation as well.”


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