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Dubai’s RTA grants Sobha Realty naming rights of Dubai Marina Metro Station

By Rajiv Raghunath - August 10, 2021

Sobha Realty Metro Station is a bustling hub on the seamless multi-rail transit network that has for over a decade served countless commuters, says PNC Menon, Chairman of Sobha Realty.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has granted Sobha Realty the naming rights of Dubai Marina Metro Station, which will now be renamed as Sobha Realty Metro Station. The Media Office of Government of Dubai in a report published on their website quoted Ibrahim Al Haddad, Director of Commercial and Investment at RTA’s Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector saying: “This partnership is a model of the effective partnership between the public and private sectors. It avails a unique experience to the private sector to launch media campaigns to Dubai visitors and metro riders to familiarise them with various brands. Sobha Realty will exclusively benefit from the strategic location of the largest landmark of the city, and equally offer the metro riders a close-up brand experience like no other, thanks to a large array of unprecedented, technologically advanced smart solutions in Dubai Metro,” he commented. 

“The Dubai Metro Naming Rights initiative proved successful since launched by RTA in 2009 in a scheme considered the first of its kind in the world. RTA is always keen on striking successful partnerships with the private sector as it plays a vital role in stimulating national economic growth. Such a successful public-private partnership (PPP) facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise, generates employment prospects in a variety of fields, and paves the way for the private sector to support the government drive in this regard,” added Al Haddad. 

“We are proud to join hands with the Roads and Transport Authority to obtain the naming rights of one of Dubai’s most centrally located metro stations. Sobha Realty metro station, previously known as Dubai Marina metro station, is a bustling hub on the remarkably seamless multi-rail transit network that has for over a decade served countless commuters, offering them immense value and connectivity. At Sobha Realty, we continually strive to deliver quality projects to aspiring homeowners, residents, and expatriates, offering them an exceptional lifestyle,” said PNC Menon, Chairman of Sobha Realty.

The report states that DOOH media solutions provided at the stations accelerate familiarisation and engagement with the brand and opens the door for brands to promote their products, services, and solutions.

Therefore, and using Hypermedia’s smart technologies and digital networks, Sobha Realty Metro Station can serve as the ultimate advertising medium and landmark.

Sobha Realty will be offered a full advertising representation of their brand, and a wide range of advanced technologies, and smart solutions, making room for loud and clear brand awareness and an ideal brand-consumer experience across the Metro Station. 

RTA has embarked on a campaign with Hypermedia FZ LLC, the official partner for Metro assets investment, marketing and outdoor advertising management, from 4 August to 10 October 2021, to change the name of the station on outdoor signs as well as the smart and electronic systems of the public transport network, including the audio announcement on board the metro carriages.


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