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Chennai Media Owners step forward to avoid casualties during Nivar cyclone

By M4G Bureau - November 27, 2020

The outdoor sites taken down on Tuesday will be re-installed after the weather clearance notice from India Meteorological Department

The Chennai-based regional media owners have taken down the outdoor display sites as a precautionary measure to prevent loss of human lives and other casualties during the Nivar cyclone landfall.

The Greater Chennai Corporation has also asked to remove the large size media and hoardings in the city as heavy rains with strong winds were forecasted.

Although no major damage has been reported in the city by OOH industry apart from some flex tarnishing from a few small ground level sites, the media sites were taken down on Tuesday to remain removed until further notice from India Meteorological Department.

The ongoing campaigns have been paused for a time being. However, the brands will be compensated for this duration with extensions. Moreover, the media owners are mentioning an additional expenditure for removal and re-installation of sites. This has added to the financial stress being faced by the media owners amidst market slowdown.

Where, the regional outdoor industry is already struggling with Nivar cyclone, there are reports for another cyclone expected to hit the state by the first week of December. 


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