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CashurDrive signs pact with Uber for exclusive branding

By M4G Bureau - January 20, 2020

India is the foremost country from its operational worldwide network where the cab-hailing service provider has started monetizing its fleets with advertising

CashurDrive Marketing Pvt. Ltd. announces an exclusive partnership with Uber for cab branding. Available in 30 plus cities in India, the fleet agrees to provide a platform of 3-4 lacs vehicles to the agency for monetizing purposes. The collaboration is believed to strengthen the relationship between the two companies giving each other better business opportunities. Uber has started fleet branding business proposition only in India across its worldwide operations.

“Uber happens to be the next big thing in the Indian OOH industry with 12 million Sq. ft. of advertising space across India”, shares Raghu Khanna, CEO, CashurDrive.

“Blooming with pride, we are honoured to be a partner of this grand initiative. We are thinking to expand the services by working in close partnership with Uber. Our prime objective is to engage in a healthy partnership from which both the brands & commuters can be benefited”, said Nitesh Nagpal, Vice President, CashurDrive.

The sole aim of the Uber is to provide unconventional advertising support to the brands which would create a new source of revenue for the drivers & other vehicle owners.


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