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Apurva Sircar, Senior VP and Head - Marketing, Bandhan Bank joins OAA 2024 Jury

By Sakshi Sanghavi - April 10, 2024

Creativity is paramount to OOH advertising, propelling brands to captivate audiences through innovation, says Apurva

Apurva Sircar

The much-anticipated annual OOH Advertising Awards (OAA) contest, formerly known as Outdoor Advertising Awards, will soon be open for entries. Like every year, the OAA entries will be judged by a Jury comprising highly accomplished brand marketers and creative professionals. 

Apurva Sircar, Senior VP and Head - Marketing, Bandhan Bank is once again set to be a jury member of the OAA contest this year. Apurva comes with over two decades of experience in various industries like consumer durables, FMCG and financial services which includes some significant work in the fields of life insurance and banking. He has been in the driving seat for a key organisational transformation project. Apurva strongly believes in cultivating a happy workplace environment that prioritises empathy while driving cutting-edge performance. 

Sharing his particular views on OOH advertising, Apruva told Media4Growth that “creativity is paramount to OOH advertising, propelling brands to captivate audiences through innovation. While recognition for creative excellence has grown, defining measurement criteria for campaign success remains essential. It's imperative to justify innovation costs and evaluate brand impact accurately. Collaboration within the OOH industry is crucial to establish scientific evaluation methods, ensuring campaigns resonate effectively and drive tangible results, ultimately pushing the industry forward.” 

While speaking about distinct changes observed in the OOH landscape in recent years, Apurva said, "In the evolving landscape of OOH advertising, its role can vary significantly based on the objectives assigned by the brand, ranging from tactical to strategic intent. There's no one-size-fits-all approach in integrating OOH into overall marketing strategy. Despite this, recent developments in the OOH industry have garnered closer attention from brands. The advantages of localisation and high OTS serve as competitive edges, making OOH an increasingly appealing medium for advertisers."

On how the OAA highlights exemplary work in the OOH industry, Apruva remarked that "the OOH Advertising Awards (OAA) plays a crucial role in highlighting noteworthy works within the Indian OOH industry. By recognising and celebrating innovative and effective OOH campaigns, the OAA helps set industry benchmarks and encourages agencies and brands to strive for excellence. It also provides a platform for showcasing the creative and strategic prowess of the Indian OOH sector to a wider audience."

"As a jury member, I'll be closely evaluating several key aspects of OOH campaigns," explained Apurva. "Effectiveness is crucial, examining the impact on brand awareness, recall, and consumer behaviour. Innovation is another focus, assessing how campaigns utilise new technologies and formats to enhance engagement."

He continued, "Strategic integration is paramount; I'll be looking at how well OOH campaigns align with overall marketing strategies and complement other media channels. Creativity and storytelling quality are also essential factors in communicating brand messages effectively."

"In addition," Sircar noted, "I'll be considering sustainability, evaluating the environmental and social responsibility aspects of OOH campaign execution."


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