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Amit Sinha, Associate Director - Brand & Marketing, PNB MetLife India Insurance joins OAA 2024 Jury

By Sakshi Sanghavi - June 10, 2024

“OAA is doing a wonderful job in recognising and celebrating outstanding creativity & innovation in the OOH domain,” says Amit Sinha.

OOH Advertising Awards brings on board Amit Sinha, Associate Director-Brand & Marketing, PNB MetLife India Insurance, as a distinguished member of the Jury. 

Amit Sinha is a marketing professional with over two decades of multi-industry experience in sales, research, strategy, digital marketing, customer experience, product marketing & branding. He is a strong believer of continuous improvement as it helps him challenge the status -quo and it germinates innovation. Amit has worked with MetLife for 15+ years and has been involved in multiple projects including the launch of the joint venture partnership between PNB & MetLife. In his previous stints he has had the opportunity to work with corporations such as Hindustan Unilever, Samsung, Times of India.

Highlighting his insights on the importance of creativity in the OOH industry, Amit explains, “The Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising in India has witnessed significant growth and transformation over the past decade. In the past, creativity in OOH advertising was limited by the availability of technology and the conservative nature of designs. However, with the advent of digital technology and changing consumer preferences, brands are seen to be embracing innovative approaches to create engaging, relevant, and impactful campaigns. While there’s a notable recognition of creativity in OOH advertising, as the industry continues to grow, the focus on creativity and innovation will remain pivotal to capturing the attention of the diverse and dynamic Indian audience.”

Answering the question by Media4Growth on whether creativity is receiving the recognition it deserves in OOH advertising, he says, “OOH, once considered as a supplementary medium in the advertising mix, is now being perceived as a critical component of media planning strategies, owing largely to the increasing demand for integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and the rise in time spent by consumers out of home. Advertisers have started to recognise the unique benefits of OOH, such as its ability to create impact, larger than life imagery, its ubiquitous nature, and its ability to reach local, hyper local and contextual audiences.

Amit further explains “Also with the integration of digital screens and interactive technologies, DOOH has revolutionised the overall OOH landscape, allowing advertisers to create more engaging and relevant campaigns. However, the most distinctive perception change has stemmed from the development in the space of OOH audience measurement and analytics. While OOH lacked a systemic approach towards audience measurement, it is now possible to measure OOH campaigns more accurately. This has significantly added more relevance to OOH media in the overall advertising mix.”

Commenting on the  distinct changes in how OOH is perceived or incorporated into brand media planning strategies, Amit says, “I feel OAA is doing a wonderful job in recognising and celebrating outstanding creativity and innovation in the OOH domain. It not only provides a celebratory platform for winners but also creates an equal opportunity for all in the industry to showcase their capabilities, participate in the knowledge sharing sessions and take home a lot of learnings. Commendable works shared at the OAA become benchmarks for all industry stakeholders which inspires them to keep innovating and to keep raising the bar.”

Sharing his perspective on OAA and its effectiveness in highlighting exemplary works within the Indian OOH industry, Amit remarks “As an OAA jury member, I am excited and looking forward to some of the most creative, impactful, and innovative works from the OOH Industry. Having said that, I would be much eager to look for originality in the idea, clear messaging, visual appeal, innovative use of media, the contextual fitment, and relevance to the audience as well as to the objective.”

The OAA 2024 metals will be awarded to the winners on July 27, at a special award function which will be held at Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Manyata Business Park, Bengaluru. 



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