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By M4G Bureau - June 24, 2022

This first-ever service enables marketers, agencies and media owners to measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising campaigns with granular data

Leading OOH advertising platform has announced its latest service, AdQuick Analytics Cloud, a first-ever "analytics as a service" for OOH marketers, agencies and media owners to measure the effectiveness of OOH advertising campaigns with near real-time data, no matter how or with whom the OOH media was booked.

“Given the current economic climate, marketers must be able to show the ROI of their media investments –– but until AdQuick Analytics Cloud, the industry lacked high-quality measurement solutions," said Matthew O'Connor, CEO of AdQuick.

"AdQuick Analytics Cloud changes that by making granular, real-time measurement––including quantification of desired outcomes––available to marketers for the first time, regardless of where the media was booked."

In the past, many of the typical ways to measure OOH produced noisy and inconclusive results. AdQuick Analytics Cloud provides custom consulting from a team of experts to help advertisers, media owners and agencies measure campaign effectiveness. Advertisers can take advantage of the ability to measure effectiveness of their OOH advertising campaigns, beyond those booked through AdQuick. Media owners and agencies using AdQuick Analytics Cloud can save time and money by not having the hassle of building out an analytics capability all while delivering robust, accurate measurements to customers.

In the AdQuick Analytics Cloud, users can take advantage of a free, self-service tool that automatically recommends the best analytics approach based on a few inputs. Users can also receive attribution and other metrics in two easy formats: the first being a custom, user-friendly dashboard with actionable metrics visualisations. The second format is a custom file delivery for easy ingestion into customers' existing analytics business intelligence (BI) tools.


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