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Addressability, flexibility, measurability vitally important: Gregory Fournier

By Rajiv Raghunath - November 08, 2023

Gregory Fournier, General Manager, The Trade Desk spoke on programmatic advertising & omnichannel marketing

Addressing the 2nd WOO APAC Forum in Bali, Gregory Fournier, General Manager, The Trade Desk highlighted the pivotal role of programmatic technology and digital advertising in today's advertising landscape. He introduced The Trade Desk as a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and emphasised its unwavering commitment to transparency and impartiality when collaborating with advertisers.

Gregory Fournier

Transparency in programmatic advertising emerged as a recurring theme, with Gregory pointing out how The Trade Desk's transparent approach has contributed significantly to their impressive 95% client retention rate. The core mission of the company revolved around scaling omnichannel campaigns across diverse platforms, with a particular emphasis on the open internet, in contrast to walled gardens that limit data sharing and integration.

Addressability, flexibility, and measurability were presented as the driving forces behind the growth of digital advertising. He highlighted how advertisers have evolved their perspectives, shifting their focus towards the long-term growth of their brands. He elaborated on these three pivotal factors: addressability allows advertisers to precisely target specific audiences, flexibility enables dynamic campaign adjustments, and measurability empowers them to quantify campaign impact.

The transition from manual processes to automated and efficient transactions in digital advertising was discussed, aligning with advertisers' evolving perspectives and their recognition of the importance of addressability, flexibility, and measurability. The central role of the open internet in capturing audience engagement was underscored, with programmatic technology positioned as a key enabler.

He addressed the power of digital advertising to engage audiences, a factor linked to longer memorability and correlated with decision-making and purchase behaviour. Digital advertising was depicted as no longer confined to brand building but also as a fundamental tool for measuring campaign efficiency.

Gregory introduced The Trade Desk's data-driven platform, emphasising its remarkable ability to purchase impressions with a high degree of granularity. Different targeting methods were also discussed, including technical targeting, audience targeting using mobility data, and the integration of DOOH advertising.

Successful campaign examples were provided, illustrating the power of precise targeting. For instance, a shampoo brand tailored its campaigns based on weather conditions, and Mercedes effectively used mobility data to engage audiences interested in test driving their electric vehicles.

Advertisers have gained enhanced tools for engaging with their target audiences more effectively than ever before, thanks to the advancements of programmatic technology. Publishers, on the other hand, could utilise programmatic advertising to demonstrate transparently and measurably the impact of their screens on overall campaign success.


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