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Vivo strikes a chord with young audiences on TagTalk network

By M4G Bureau - August 03, 2018

TagTalk has partnered Vivo India in launching an integrated Vivo brand campaign on its social network TV that engages a large number of hyper-connected young consumers

In today’s hyperconnected urban environment where advertising brands are working doubly hard to wrest the attention of the on-the-go consumers, TagTalk is partnering brands for community-driven DOOH campaigns that are run on what the company terms as social network TV. TagTalk has now partnered Vivo India in launching an integrated Vivo brand campaign on the TagTalk social network TV that engages a large number of hyper-connected young consumers through the social media.

Sharing his views on the integrated campaign on TagTalk network, Prince Gaur of Vivo India, told Media4Growth that for quite some time “the industry leaders had been touting the golden age of OOH advertising. Now, thanks to the rapidly increasing digitisation, and influx of social media, advertisers and media agencies are fundamentally changing their perception of OOH advertising”.

Stating that OOH has been an indispensable advertising platform for Vivo, Prince added that “OOH has been able to deliver on our communication objective and get us considerable mindshare. With the help of OOH, we are able to communicate tailored messaging to a particular set of audience and derive considerable ROI”.

“Vivo as a company stands for innovation and we felt the need to engage with consumers in a non-intrusive way. Hence, we decided to merge the digital world with OOH, thereby leveraging DOOH via TagTalk,” he explained.

“TagTalk is a unique medium which has not only helped us get closer to our target audience, but has also helped in generating curiosity, leading to engagement along with amplification of our social assets. By providing us the ability to adapt content on a real-time basis, we were able to garner excitement and engagement for two Vivo products (v9 and Nex),” Prince said.

When asked how the campaign would deliver higher ROI to the brand advertiser and what kind of data capture would help the brand to assess the impact of the branding initiative, Gautam Bhirani, Founder & CEO,, said, ‘’Hyperconnectivity has changed a lot of things today, A brand is no longer what we tell them it is, but what they tell each other. We collaborated with Vivo’s OOH, digital and social media teams to integrate multiple elements to build a perfect story that blends with a connected millennial’s hypersocial lifestyle. In the world of sharing economy, we brought together creators, Millennials and their favourite places in a way never seen before.”

Gautam explained that TagTalk, is a community-driven lifestyle network that captures both online and offline lifestyles of a millennial. “Our network at present connects over 2.5 million affluent, high spending & highly sociable smartphone users which ensured the campaign was delivered to the desired audience with zero spillover”.

He added: “To maximise the ROI we weaved the brand story with things that a Millennial is most likely to do on a smartphone to connect in the right context, which drove an exceptional amount of engagements. Today Millennials not only trust and engage with user generated content but are also the biggest creators of it. Even though a millennial spends the majority of their time on smartphones, they find mobile advertising intrusive.”

The integrations covered:

• Brand masking of realtime location based content created and shared online by Millennials.
• #Vivographer - UGC integration with photographs shot on Vivo smartphones.
• FIFA 2018: Live match updates and moments captured on VIVO were displayed on the screens during the World Cup.

“These integrations not only reached the right audience in a delightful way but also established a direct connect with them, making the campaign viral online,” remarked Gautam, while adding, “Our technology is built on mobile DNA, which enables us to capture data and smartly integrate campaigns using the same. This integrated campaign is a perfect example of the extent DOOH can go to and deliver analytics that can help measure effectiveness and ROI, which has been debatable in context to OOH for a while now.”

TagTalk data suggests that over a 15-day period at 92 locations:

• 3,80,654 targeted ad impressions were delivered
• 6,93,862 times photographs were published by VIVO Realtime
• The brand’s social media assets were amplified by 35.40% with 53,353 engagements, 2,91,586 reach & 8,90,427 impressions.


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