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'TG specific campaigns will change the way people look at OOH’ Introline

By Bhawana Anand - December 23, 2020

PlayAds, a leading player in the DOOH space at southern railway stations, expects digital displays to become a part of the regular habits of railway passengers

Post pandemic, digital OOH is projected to be the next big thing in the Indian OOH industry, thanks to its advanced attributes that enable accurate targeting of audiences, among other features.Interestingly, the digitization of media formats at Indian railway stations, which had already started to take place before the pandemic, is expected to be more streamlined and receive enhanced demand in the times to come.   

Shedding light on the same, Icy Varghese, MD, PlayAds said, “We strongly believe that DOOH is the future of OOH, Post pandemic, we are forced to go more digital in the media world. The transformation is already happening world over. New developments in this area like pDOOH will significantly change the way brands will look at out-of-home media going forward. DOOH will dominate due to the ease with which it enables content change, campaign uploads, content displaybased on traffic, etc. The ability to pitch campaign specific to targeted audience will change the way people look at outdoors. PlayAds is one of the very few companies who own a media which display not only ads, but also information relevant to public, thus making it one of the best media for any businesses to display their campaigns.” 

Icy said PlayAds had made significant developments in the field of pDOOH and had been successful in integrating their media with other platforms. This will give a lot of impetus to us and help us make our big leap into the upcoming era of "outdoor-digitalism".

An established industry player, PlayAds has been working on pDOOH and various other cutting edge technologies that can add value to outdoor advertising. 

“During the lockdown period, we were fully focusing on upgrading our software and incorporating new technologies in our digital media. Working with our technology partners, we are now ready to glive, integrating new pDOOH trends. Upon our screens resumingoperations, we plan to display more social messages, information on Covid cases specific to locations, push-ads based on traffic, etc. By these, we really hope to make our digital screens an integral part of the commuters’ lives,” Lijoy Johny, Director Sales, PlayAds.


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