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Personalised OOH: Precision targeting comes to China Post screens

By VJ Media Bureau - August 24, 2015

China\'s official postal service has deployed a comprehensive upgrade of its 20,000 outdoor smart screens with new facial recognition capability, mobile interactivity, data management and campaign optimisation features.

Cameras attached to China Post screens across the top 20 cities in the country will be tracking the directional movements of eyes, the number of glances passers-by give and the dwell time of each glance, while also judging the biometric signature of each individual.

The system takes 60 images per second and compares these against a database of biometric signatures, then marries the assigned signature of the viewer with programmatic-buying information such as audience type, demographic targets and location-specific filters.

The personalisation of the ad is enhanced by allowing the public to scan QR codes or tap NFC interfaces to receive e-coupons from the advertiser along with instructions for conversion online or offline to result in a closed sales loop.

Omnicom Media Group in China has been working with Heli Media for the past two years in a go-to-market partnership for this deployment, the first ahead of another 60,000 screens committed for 2016 with other partners including Longfan Media.

This digital out-of-home automated advertising platform is known as IMON, for which Heli and its technology partner Quividi own an exclusive worldwide distribution license. The screens will be further enhanced in later phases with through-screen payment and augmented-reality features.

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