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‘Marry technology and creativity to drive DOOH growth’

By Bhawana Anand - October 15, 2020

Justin Thomas-Copeland, CEO – DDB speaks about ‘Creativity Spark’s on day 2 of the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit 2020

In these new technology led times, the pandemic has brought forth the relevancy of creativity, stated Justin Thomas-Copeland, CEO – DDB on Day 2 of the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit 2020. In a conversation with the session anchor Dan Peres, Editor-in-Chief – Ad Age on the theme ‘Creativity Sparks’, Justin explained, “The agencies have to marry technology and creativity. There are investments made in technology and automation and they bring wealth to business through data and science as brands are looking for superior ROI. Hence, the agencies have to put their heart and soul into it.”

In these unprecedented times, Justin explained, “Brands are looking for different marketing strategies for different channels by understanding their nuances individually. Global brands are using OOH to target consumers locally to come closer to consumers by offering them unique experiences and becoming locally relevant”.

Elaborating on the combination of data and creativity, Justin spelled that it is more about precision and creativity where brands need to create social content with their audience in the emotional tone and then scale up that emotion through data and triggering touchpoints.

He confessed that brands need to provide value to their customers during pandemic but it is slightly challenging for a few categories such as BFSI. Hence these categories need to evolve with a practical approach to become progressive.

The pandemic has highly changed the equations and working patterns of agencies and clients where both parties have come closer emotionally, articulated Justin. “Agencies are allowed to dig deeper into the business to give solutions.  Sometimes there is no particular brief and agencies need to listen to clients and pick up the cues from there. Wherein brands are allowed to speak to strategy, creative and other teams to be more dynamic to drive the business with insights and data”, he summed up. 


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