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Lemma & Lifesight enter into strategic-partnership

By M4G Bureau - April 21, 2020

This venture will enable Digital out of home advertisers to device omnichannel strategies, leveraging data

Lemma, a major in Programmatic digital out of home in India, announced their partnership with Lifesight, a leading location intelligence platform and data company in Asia Pacific. Through this partnership pDOOH advertisers in the APAC region will be able to retarget audiences on mobile devices using Lifesight’s location and mobile intelligence data. The companies believe this partnership will drive substantial advantages for the advertisers in this region.

With growing demand for creating integrated and immersive experiences, modern day advertisers are constantly looking for solutions that help realize this objective. Studies cite that when DOOH campaigns are run in synergy with mobile campaigns the outcomes are far reaching. Several studies have shown a positive impact on brand awareness, recall and in some cases even purchase. This further emphasizes the need to have a collaborative data-hub that helps advertisers convert these data-points into effective and impactful omni-channels approaches.

Being the only programmatic DOOH solution provider “data” is core to Lemma’s offering whether it’s structuring media plans, crafting audience-based screen selections or activating campaigns in sync with data ingested from live-feeds like weather, traffic signals, pollution, social media, live cricket updates etc.

The addition of Lifesight’s data layered with Lemma’s existing DMP (Data-Management platform) will help structure a robust programmatic DOOH platform, allowing advertisers to enhance several brand metrics including impact on digital currencies. Furthermore, this data can also be utilized to measure the impact the pDOOH ad has had on exposed audiences, thereby giving brands visibility into data beyond mere impressions and exposures. 

“With modern day marketing strategies growing increasingly audience centric and device agnostic, data-driven platforms play key role in crafting integrated campaigns” says Gulab Patil, Founder and CEO, Lemma. “As more and more agencies merge approaches into tapping into the right audience & measuring the ad impact across channels, data takes center stage. Partnering with Lifesight helps us help brands to garner audience insights that can be repurposed to target audiences on mobile screens, thereby not limiting advertisers to a single medium.”

“As pDOOH becomes a key part of the omni-channel programmatic marketing stack, marketers need high quality data to execute targeting and measurements use cases” says Tobin Thomas, CEO of Lifesight”.  “Lifesight’s holistic approach to developing connected consumer profiles and insights, helps leading ad platforms power their audience insights and footfall measurement needs. Lifesight is proud to partner with Lemma, the leading pDOOH player in the region to enhance their offering in the market.”


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