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How location-based targeting drove sales for Mars’ Orbit chewing gum

By M4G Bureau - September 24, 2021

Together with its agency partner Mediacom and GroupM’s Outcome Media Company Xaxis, Mars used a location-based solution which generated 30K visitors in physical store visits and 4 times spike in Orbit website visits.

In March 2021, Mars launched a new line of Orbit chewing gums across India’s capital, Delhi. Together with its agency partner Mediacom and GroupM’s Outcome Media Company Xaxis, Mars wanted to encourage consumers to visit Orbit partner stores and purchase the chewing gum. The challenge lay in identifying the right target audience for the campaign, as well as strategy to deliver the most efficiency in a short duration.

With the steep rise of COVID-19 cases in the country, more individuals are taking their health seriously. Mars therefore identified their target consumers as fitness enthusiasts and those that looked after their oral health and wanted to specifically reach out to consumers visiting fitness centres and dental clinics.

“With the lockdown being lifted in many areas of the country in March, Xaxis and Mediacom presented us with an opportunity to tap into consumers based on their recent offline behaviour and location data, combined with insights we developed using first party data at Mars. Among our fantastic product line-up, Orbit is popular among consumers that look for not just freshening but also clean teeth. Fitness consumers are among our primary audiences as they clearly have an interest in improving their health and well-being. Targeting these consumers helped us develop a growth model that can help scale Orbit. Moving forward, it is a viable solution we will consider within our media mix,” said Varun Kandhari, CBU & Strategic Demand Director, Mars.

Mars tapped Xaxis’s programmatic location-based solution, ‘Places’ to target their health enthusiasts. ‘Places’ identified potential consumers as those visiting dental clinics and fitness centres and targeted them with ads that directed them to the nearest Orbit outlet.

Various orbit Stores were mapped and selected. Consumers who visited fitness centres and dental clinics in the past 30 days were shown the ad while in the vicinity of an Orbit store to encourage them to visit and buy the chewing gum.

Throughout the month of March, Orbit sales at the targeted stores grew by 37% whereas the non-targeted stores grew by 27%, Hence the difference that the campaign has brought is to the tune of 10% of higher secondary sell-in to the outlets. So, the overall sales lift has been 10%. The campaign drove 30,000 visits to the targeted stores to purchase Orbit chewing gum. In addition there was an increase in Orbit’s website traffic by 400%.

 “Location-based intelligent targeting is a win-win strategy for both brands and consumers. Brands can get the most out of their ad spend, as visitation patterns and offline data helps them target those who already have a genuine interest in their products. Consumers, on the other hand, would also enjoy a better experience interacting with ads, as these ads speak directly to their interests,” said Atique Kazi, President - Data, Performance and Digital Products, GroupM India.

“We are thrilled about the impact that Xaxis Places has on Orbit sales, as the solution helps to target their ideal consumers, at the right place and at the right time. We are looking forward to greater collaboration with Xaxis and their programmatic technologies in the future,” said Naveen Khemka, CEO of Mediacom, South Asia.


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