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Hivestack by Perion partners with Eletromidia to integrate digital inventory across 46,000 screens in Brazil

By M4G Bureau - February 08, 2024

Partnership makes Eletromidia’s high impact digital inventory – reaching 29 million people daily - available to advertisers via Hivestack’s SSP and ad server

Perion Network a partnership between its programmatic DOOH platform, Hivestack, and Eletromidia

Perion Network, a technology leader in connecting advertisers to consumers across all major digital channels, has announced a partnership between its programmatic DOOH platform, Hivestack, and Eletromidia, the major OOH media company in Brazil, with more than 64,000 screens in the country's largest cities, out of which more than 46,000 are designed for a high impact digital experience.

Combining Hivestack's expertise in programmatic DOOH technology with Eletromidia's scope and reach will empower local and global advertisers to leverage sophisticated and targeted campaigns, taking advantage of the precision and relevance programmatic media provides. This collaboration will enable Eletromidia to expand its programmatic media distribution and strengthen its leadership in the DOOH market in Brazil.

The partnership with Eletromidia will open up new business opportunities for Perion in the Brazilian market, combining Hivestack’s OOH expertise and the company’s high-impact advertiser solutions. This integration incorporates 46,000 Eletromidia digital screens in a range of environments, such as shopping malls, urban furniture, residential and commercial buildings, as well as in airports and train stations across Brazil. These strategically placed screens, impacting over 29 million people daily, offer an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to drive higher engagement and reach.

“A partnership with a company of Eletromidia’s stature demonstrates the global opportunities the DOOH market represents for Perion,” said Tal Jacobson, CEO of Perion. ”Brazil is a dynamic and growing market, and I look forward to the talented teams from Eletromidia and Perion working together to plan, build, activate, and monetize high-impact programmatic DOOH campaigns across the country."

Hector Gonzalez, Chief Revenue Officer of the Americas at Hivestack by Perion commented, “This is an incredible opportunity for us to offer Eletromidia’s premium DOOH inventory to both global and local advertisers. The partnership will create new revenue streams from ’Outside-in’ campaigns and offer our demand side partners access to digital inventory on a much larger scale. At the same time, we look forward to supporting Eletromidia’s access to the latest technology enhancements through our market-leading platform, thus enabling them to develop an audience impression-based business model.”

Lucio Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer at Eletromidia added, "Eletromidia always seeks to combine expansion and innovation. Our partnership with Hivestack is a great example of this, managing to expand our work in programmatic DOOH, while bolstering our technology capabilities. This international trend has also been growing in Brazil, and we are committed to making the most of this opportunity, especially considering our extensive network of digital screens.”


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