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Eyetalk Media Ventures sets big vision with XL DOOH

By Rajiv Raghunath - January 17, 2024

XL DOOH, a new division of Eyetalk Media Ventures, is creating large format DOOH media powered by in-house tech

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Buoyed by notable success in running its indoor DOOH network at multiple locations, Eyetalk Media Ventures has set up XL DOOH, a dedicated business division for creating iconic, large format DOOH media at prominent locations in key cities. Over the last three months, XL DOOH has put up a set of two 750 sq. ft. DOOH screens on the façade of PVR cineplex at Priya Highstreet, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, and three even larger 900 sq. ft. screens on building façades at the busy South Extension, New Delhi.

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While the DOOH screens at Priya Highstreet, one of the most trending youth hangout spots in Delhi, is in the vicinity of over 50 cafes, pubs, brand stores, and salons, the DOOH screens at South Extension grab attention of moving traffic and pedestrians on the busiest arterial road in Delhi. The DOOH screens are powered by in-house tech developed and operated by XL DOOH.

Gautam Bhirani

Speaking about this venture, Gautam Bhirani, Managing Director, Eyetalk Media Ventures told Media4Growth, "In the past two years we have witnessed a remarkable surge in DOOH advertising revenue, driving our commitment to developing innovative digital assets and networks that complement our extensive premium indoor DOOH network which now connects with 20 million millennials in a month.” 

“Our cutting-edge, spectacular large format new displays serve as a powerful tool for brands to cut through visual clutter and elevate their visibility. Notably, since our launch, XL DOOH has successfully collaborated with prominent brands such as Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Milton, Sundaram Finance, Indian Oil, Honor Smartphone, OnePlus, Flipkart, etc., marking significant milestones in our journey," he said.

Rahul Biswas

Rahul Biswas, Group CMO, Eyetalk Media Ventures, added that "year after year we have been in the pursuit of creating media assets for our valuable clients that stand apart from other available media inventory on the basis of tech, hardware, data, media format and size. It is in this pursuit that we are happy to announce XL DOOH - a division that will purely focus on creating iconic large format LED screens.”

Bombay Short company Camapign

Rahul pointed out that the DOOH screens put up at South Extension are industry-first state-of-the-art display screens manufactured by LG Electronics. They are built using the latest LED technology, Gold wiring, extremely high resolution and lower pixel pitch that “reproduce utmost clarity and definition”. “The screens have a standard colour and clarity reproduction under sunlight and in the dark. Stay tuned for more locations coming up," said Rahul, as he envisioned the future of the business division.


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