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Catalina partners with to provide purchase-based audience targeting & measurement capabilities to OOH buyers

By M4G Bureau - August 20, 2021

The innovative partnership provides retailers, brands & agencies with buyer-level insights and measurement metrics for a wide range of ad budgets.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, leading shopper intelligence and omni-channel media provider Catalina with operations in the US, Costa Rica, Europe and Japan is now offering its extensive purchase-based audience targeting and sales lift measurement insights to OOH media buyers using AdQuick's OOH buying platform. 

Catalina's OOH measurement product provides insight into sales impact as well as the behaviours of the buyers who were exposed to the media across a wide range of investment levels. 

"OOH now sits at the intersection of technology and data-driven decision-making — and sales-lift measurement and addressable targeting are now key requirements for CPG brands to justify increasing their OOH ad spend," said Jim Wilson, CEO of Talon America. "The time is right for Catalina to expand its capabilities in OOH, which is an essential channel for CPG brands to optimise their marketing effectiveness at massive scale by capitalising on real-time, purchase-based insights and targeting that drive in-store sales conversions." 

The concept of data-driven media activation and closed loop measurement is new to the OOH marketplace, but increasingly important as the industry looks to become part of the mainstream media mix, according to Tiffany Southwell, VP, Out of Home Media at Catalina. 

"Until recently, OOH targeting and measurement relied upon practices such as census-based demographics and footfall data to determine the ideal placement of media, as well as location-based foot traffic studies to estimate and measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns," said Southwell.  "These methods don't work for CPG advertisers since the demographic data fails to identify actual consumer purchase preferences for specific brands. Meanwhile location-based foot traffic studies highlight when a consumer visited a grocery store but fail to inform whether a purchase of an advertised product is made."

Added AdQuick CEO Matthew O'Connor, "AdQuick has continually pushed to make OOH easier to buy and more measurable. Integrating Catalina's real-time purchase data and shopper ID graph – which spans more than 103 million households and 1.9 billion device IDs – further accelerates the granular targeting and robust measurement we offer to our clients. CPG advertisers will now have the unique ability to reach their ideal audiences and measure true effectiveness with OOH media. This is a game-changer."

Since its founding in 2016, AdQuick has established itself as the first fully-vertically integrated OOH marketplace, providing end-to-end tools to improve the OOH buying experience for media owners, brands and agencies. AdQuick partners with more than 1,100 media owners –– giving brands and agencies access to more than 98% of all available OOH inventory in the United States. The AdQuick platform is currently being utilized by brands and agencies of all sizes around the world.

Added Brian Dunphy, SVP, Digital Business & Strategic Partnerships at Catalina: "This partnership is an important step in realizing our goal to become the preeminent partner for purchase-based audiences and sales lift measurement for OOH programmatic partners, media owners, and agencies at a time when CPG brands are rightfully demanding a strong ROAS. Thanks to partnerships with innovators like AdQuick, we can provide our brand, retailer and agency clients with exciting new options for buying and measuring out of home media that truly impact the bottom line."


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