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Broadsign to power Westfield’s digital media screens at shopping centres

By M4G Bureau - March 14, 2018

Partnership enables advertisers and brands to reach shoppers with contextual, targeted campaigns on over 500 digital screens

Broadsign International, LLC, has announced that it has reached an agreement with Westfield Corporation, one of the world’s largest shopping centre owners and managers, to power Westfield’s existing digital media network of 500 screens located at 18 flagship shopping centres across the US.

The full Broadsign platform will be used to power the Westfield Network, which is designed and managed by Esprit Digital, a premium full-service digital signage installation, maintenance and support provider. This includes Broadsign Control to automate the delivery of targeted and contextual messaging and advertisements to Westfield’s network of high-impact digital screens as well as Broadsign Direct to help Westfield’s brand ventures team more efficiently manage and sell ad space. Westfield will also be integrating its inventory with Broadsign Reach to make its network available programmatically to global media buyers.

“When the right content is displayed to the right audience, advertising and messaging is complementary to the shopper experience,” says Charley DeLana, EVP of brand ventures at Westfield. “We want to provide advertisers with every opportunity to reach consumers in interesting and exciting ways, and Broadsign allows us to execute on this forward-thinking vision.”

To enable precise campaign targeting, the partnership includes integration with Quividi’s audience analytics software to detect Westfield’s audience demographics. The network also integrates behavioural and environmental triggers such as weather and location data to add further context to campaigns, and TINT software to stream user-generated social media content to screens in real-time.

The ability to optimise content to be relevant to Westfield’s hundreds of millions of annual visitors, regardless of the location, the time of day and the screen in question, not only delivers highly effective and efficient ad content for brands but also enables Westfield to better connect with consumers.

“Successful shopping malls are those that go beyond a simple retail destination to create a unique and exciting experience,” said Maarten Dollevoet, SVP of global sales at Broadsign. “Through our partnership, Westfield is able to merge retail and media to create an environment that is beneficial to visitors, retailers and advertisers alike.”


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