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Tata Photon Max rides high on Volvo Buses

By Nabamita Chatterjee - April 01, 2014

With transit media evolving rapidly as the best choice for branding, Tata Photon Max leveraged Volvo buses in Kolkata focusing on providing live experience of the product while the TG is on the move. Read on ....

An estabblished name in internet services , Tata Photon Max recently rolled out a strategic transit media campaign for hitting their TG in Kolkata by using Volvo Buses. Today when wi-fi has become a fundamental need of the mobile generation, this media is helping the brand sell the concept of mobile wi-fi while the passengers are on the move.

Ashok Ghose, MBU Head East, Tata Docomo, shares with us the reason behind selecting this transit media for the brand campaign, "We found a right media fit in these buses with our product - Tata Docomo Photonmax wi-fi. The most important advantages include hitting the right kind of TG at executive AC buses which enables to communicate the concept of wi-fi on the go."

The Volvo bus routes selected by the brand in the city include: Airport - Tollygunge (via Sector V) and Barasat - Chetla ( via Airport - to Exide - to Rashbehari Avenue).The brand has taken up the bus exterior to inform that a free wi-fi on the go service is available on the bus and this also works as a mobile hoarding. The inside space of the bus, especially the seat back, is well utilised for branding providing details of how to log in. It is enabled through NFC tapping or QR code scanning and the brand also placed promoters inside the bus wearing branded shirts to help customers log in and support with sales if any. Apart from this, the service provider gives us a list of people who has logged in during the day which works as a lead generation mechanism for Tata Docomo.

"These buses are a crucial medium as they cater to the right TG of upwardly mobile, technology savvy, smart phone engaged generation. They spend on an average 1 hour in their journey to and from their home to work every day in these buses. We are also conducting mystery audits in the bus to check speed, connectivity and experience as a continuous improvement mechanism. For enhancing the frequency we have chosen office routes which are filled to capacity during most of the day parts. Each bus in these routes cater to on an average 500 commuters per day (travelling on the bus),” further adds Ashok Ghose.

For the transit media campaign the brand has built up the content differently for effective communication. They have taken the help of technology to enable this interaction through NFC tap or QR code scan. Ashok Ghose further shares in this regard, "We tailor make our communication to suit different media. Also the selection of the right medium always is driven by the proposition we are trying to make. In this case our proposition of wi-fi on the go fitted well with the audience in these executive AC buses. We are looking at increasing the number of buses depending on budgets and the outcome of this round of activity.”


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