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Prince Pipes makes a big statement on Lucknow cityscape

By Prantika Ghosh - August 12, 2022

Sketch Street Media rolled out the branding initiative

Prince Pipes and Fittings, a leading brand in plumbing, irrigation and sewerage technologies, unveiled a high impact branding in the city of Lucknow in mid-July with a wrap of its creative around Burlington Square Mall. The branding exercise was executed in Priyanka Joshi, Head Branding<br>& Communication, Prince Pipesassociation with Sketch Street Media.

Commenting on the branding initiative, Priyanka Joshi, Head of Branding and Communication, Prince Pipes said, “We felt that today everyone is either on their phone or outdoor. So, we needed to ensure that OOH as a medium performs well and it should be visible. That’s the reason we wanted to explore something innovative in OOH.”

Prince Pipes selected one of the busiest roads in Lucknow to promote its products that will be used for plumbing and in borewells, underground drainage, and storage tanks.

A creative video was also shot with a drone that shows the entire execution process. Talking about the branding rollout, Priyanka said, “The vendor was very supportive. The drone shot idea came from them. They suggested that we cover the entire execution process. For brands that are doing such kind of media for the first time, having a supporting vendor helps them to explore further.”

Aditya Shrivastava, Director of Sketch Street Media, added: “I have been doing campaigns for a very long time but what sets apart Prince Pipes is their  clear focus. They knew where they will get their Aditya Shrivastava, Director<br>Sketch Street Mediatarget audience. And that made our job easy.” He added, “The campaign has started a conversation among the competitors.”

Underling the significance of OOH, Priyanka said: “I feel as a brand head everyone should allocate at least 20-30% of their media budget on OOH. OOH as a medium is eye catchy and holds the audience’s attention. In a regular scenario, customers are only able to see any ad campaign for 10 seconds but OOH probably holds the attention for 20-30 seconds.” She added, “After the lockdown, the mobility is back now, and we realised that our consumers are back in the outdoors too. Hence,  we started allocating our funds back on outdoor. We have also started investing in melas and exhibitions.”

Emphasising the need for innovation in OOH, Aditya said, “In the OOH industry we need more innovation. 20 years earlier, there were hand-painted hoardings but then flex came into the market and it changed the whole picture. Now the future is digital. We all have to go with the trend. These days temples are a hotspot to connect with your target audience, so we have started boat branding.”


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