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Posterscope unveils innovative campaign for Cornitos Crusties

By M4G Bureau - September 11, 2023

The popular brand of snacks introduced its new offering with an innovative OOH campaign.

Cornitos, the pioneering brand under Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd, recently introduced a captivating campaign, 'Cornitos - Wild As You Like' in association with Posterscope. This innovative campaign marked the unveiling of Cornitos’ CRUSTIES, a range of flavourful snacking options that resemble curly fries but offer a healthy twist. The campaign highlighted the making of Baked Snack CRUSTIES by Cornitos' mischievous mascot, 'Corny - the uncooperative Chimp, which has reintroduced the mouth-watering snack. 

Cornitos Image 1

In alignment to Cornitos identity of being wild, trendy, and youthful, Posterscope - the OOH agency from Dentsu India executed the campaign with exceptional finesse across high-profile locations in Delhi and Bangalore. It features 'Corny - the uncooperative Chimp' the mischievous figure embodying an exquisite fusion of inventiveness and artistic brilliance. 

The campaign materializes through creative adaptations such as illuminated mascot cutouts and dynamic lighting on billboards, bus shelters, unipolar displays, and gantries strategically positioned along main arteries, bustling junctions, lively markets, transit nodes, and more. This strategic approach guarantees optimal visibility to the demographic that actively engages with outdoor settings. The core aim of the campaign is to reach out to the audience who spend a lot of their time outdoors.

Cornitos Image 2

Imtiyaz Vilatra, Managing Director of Posterscope, speaks about the campaign's essence, "Cornitos’ Crusties introduces a healthy twist to snacking, a territory rarely explored in this domain. We are thrilled to partner with Cornitos for the launch of Crunchies, a product that is bound to make waves just like its unique shape. This campaign's strategic focus is to engage with customers effectively to drive conversions."

Mr. Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director of Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd, Cornitos., articulates, "Corny - the uncooperative Chimp introduces an entirely novel dimension to our brand essence. He encapsulates our values of innovation, playfulness, and delightful snacking encounters. Corny embodies our untamed and endearing brand ambassador, fostering a strong emotional bond with our consumers and magnifying our brand recognition. Thus, this aligns with the profound impact of the campaign executed by the Posterscope agency. The campaign has played a pivotal role in propelling to new heights, yielding substantial traction and visibility for the Mascot and CRUSTIES".

Cornitos Image 3

With this campaign, the brand aims to bring a healthy angle to the snacking category, staying true to its belief that snacking is everything except boring. It promises to go on a mischievous journey with Corny the Un-Cooperative Chimp and experience the relishable flavors of Cornitos CRUSTIES.    


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