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Now Google dons the role of your nearest store locator

By M4G Bureau - September 03, 2019

The OOH campaign promotes the brand’s search engine efficiency that helps users locate their nearest store for a range of products and services

Google Google now makes a vivid presence in metros promoting its role of guiding masses to their local stores for different commodities. Handled and executed by Kinetic India, the brand campaign spotted by Media4Growth promotes the brand’s edge in search engine operation in markets like Delhi and Mumbai,

Google A simple creative offers multiple narratives, highlighting Google search results related to various commodities and series such as jewelry, electronics, furniture and even the nearest photocopy shop. The campaign in a lighter vein drives home the relevance of such search engine operations in the time-starved age that we live today.

The campaign has been deployed across diverse media formats, ranging from unipoles and billboards, to bus shelters and metro media.


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