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Nescafe brings the warmth during Mumbai’s monsoon

By M4G Bureau - August 08, 2023

As the monsoon season continues to flourish in Mumbai, the ever popular coffee brand identified the perfect opportunity to amplify its brand communication to The City That Never Sleeps.

Monsoon in Mumbai is joy for some and a downer for others but whatever the emotion, all Mumbaikars experience rain with the same beverage – coffee. A cup of Nescafe, perhaps one of India’s most iconic brands, is almost synonymous with the rain. Seeing the opportunity, Nescafe launched its monsoon campaign to reach out to Mumbaikars during various parts of the day, be it in transit or through their office windows.

Nescafe Monsoon OOH campaign, Mumbai

To reach a wide audience, sites were strategically chosen across the city from bus shelters, residential areas, shopping centres, etc. for diversified communication. Overall, more than 24 touch points were covered with strategic and prominent Billboards & LED screens along with 40+ Bus Q Shelters. 

Rainy shot taken of Nescafe OOH campaign

A steaming hot cup of coffee is what one is reminded of when it rains in Mumbai. This was the core thought that Nescafe wanted to demonstrate through OOH. Nescafe has been doing this as a ritual every monsoon in Mumbai for many years.

Nescafe outdoor campaign on city bus transit station

This year, the idea was to add some more flare to the campaign and Walk The Talk – the agency responsible for the campaign – brought this idea to life by converting a part of static billboard into a digital billboard to showcase rains and steam. A large cut out of a Nescafe Jar and mug were put up. It was programmed in a manner to showcase rains at different parts of the day on the DOOH screen, with steam coming out of the coffee mug. This innovation was executed at Juhu Beach, a popular spot among Mumbaikars to come and enjoy when it is raining. This communication was further amplified on social media by onlookers.


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