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Jockey bringing fitness and fashion to life

By Sakshi Sanghavi - April 08, 2024

The brand steps outdoor to promote its Activewear range

In Mumbai's lively streets, Jockey Move's new ad campaign is catching everyone's eye. From big billboards to street corners, the city is covered with colourful ads showing how to stay active and stylish with Jockey Move.

Jockey brand's OOH campaign in Mumbai

With striking visuals that capture the essence of movement and vitality, the campaign showcases individuals of all ages and backgrounds embracing an active lifestyle with Jockey Move's activewear. Whether it's a brisk jog along the waterfront or a serene yoga session in the park, the ads depict moments of movement and joy, encouraging Mumbaikars to get active and stay stylish while doing so.                                                                                                    

With each colourful ad, Jockey Move invites residents to join the movement, to embrace fitness and fashion, and to move through life with confidence and style.            


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