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How Square Yards went conversational with a wink

By Prantika Ghosh - September 14, 2022

With the plethora of advertising options available today, the out-of-home advertising medium has evolved to be more conversational. Real estate brand Square Yards recently unleashed a quirky conversational campaign that managed to create quite a stir and high recall among the target audience.

Real estate platform Square Yards recently chose the conversational out-of-home (OOH) route to reach its targeted audience. The quirky campaign in fact gained nationwide attention. Talking about it, Yashdeep Singh, Principal Partner and Head of Marketing, Square Yards, says, “We wanted to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of our consumers by increasing our brand presence, visibility, and share of voice. However, in a hyper-competitive, oversaturated housing market, breaking through the cluttered OOH space was a challenge. So, we took the liberty to challenge preconceptions through some unconventional messaging.”

Talking about the creative elements that went into delivering the impact, Yashdeep adds, “We used some punchy, tongue-in-cheek but contextually relevant copy against a yellow backdrop and double-entendre phrases to catch the attention of millennials, making them aware of our efficient and easy homebuying services and grab maximum visual-cum-mindshare through eye-catchy billboards.”

Some of these tongue-in-cheek lines included, ‘Threesome on your bucket list’, ‘Size Does Matter’, ‘Do it on the office table, couch or on your bed’, which were quite obviously an instant hit among the audience and garnered maximum shares on online outlets, as Yashdeep  informs.

Sharing his thoughts on how OOH, and DOOH in particular, enables conversational engagements, Yashdeep explains, “The visibility quotient of DOOH screens is much higher compared to traditional billboards. DOOH media leverages geolocation data, gathers insights, and updates digital billboards in real-time, thus tailoring the content to factors like vehicular movement, the direction of people walking, time of the day, and traffic conditions." He adds that programmatic ad placement concepts will further help brands have a leg up over competition and resonate much better with the audience. “The ability to customise and use multiple creatives that can be refreshed several times a day will help brands to have multiple offerings and be visible to their TGs at the right moment,”  points out Yashdeep.

Talking about plans to leverage the upcoming festive seasons, Yashdeep shares, “We are planning to come up with town-wide OOH campaigns during the upcoming festive months to make consumers aware of our new offerings, and plan to follow up with guerrilla marketing strategies.”

Summing up on how the brand leverages DOOH and data tools for best outcomes, he adds, “We look to use DOOH platforms extensively and use the latest data-driven technologies to get our message right in front of our people, so that we can analyze and optimize the return on investment (ROI).”


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