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Fastrack goes bold with'Sorry for what?' campaign

By Jubilee Cardozo - January 08, 2015

After creating a furor in the market with its bold outdoor campaigns like \'Just Be\', \'Dump Them','Move On\', \'Livein\', \'Keep Trippin\', \'Closet\' and \'Mature is In\', Fastrack has launched yet another captivating OOH campaign - 'sorry for what'.

Fastrack, the accessory brand with its quirky collection of bags, belts, sunglasses, helmets, wallets and watches, launched an equally quirky'sorry for what' OOH campaign to target the youngsters. Conceptualised by outdoor agency Milestone and executed by media agency Maxus, the ongoing campaign will be on till January 15, 2015 and has been showcased in the top 30 cities in the country.

Speaking about this, Hemal Panchamia, Marketing Head, Fastrack, says, "We at Fastrack constantly innovate to connect with our audience. We believe in speaking their language and resonating with their thoughts. The'sorry for what' campaign does exactly this. We used a straight forward line'sorry for what' to portray an unapologetic disregard for what is considered mainstream style and lifestyle. Young people today believe in making their own lifestyle choices and not conforming to gender based stereotypes.”

Though there's hardly any use of innovation for this campaign, the brand's outdoor campaigns rely on bold, attractive visuals and a strong, relevant theme to convey the message.  "Before we launched, there was a concern about the acceptability of some of the campaign's visuals in certain markets. However, we are happy that the campaign was well received” shares Panchamia.

Different qualities of materials were used for different sites, based on the requirements for a particular site. The hoardings were done by different fabricators as they are owned by various vendors. As a process, the brand's outdoor agency Milestone Media has a monitoring team who keep visiting the sites on a regular basis to check the displays, lights, vinyl, etc.

"The'sorry for what' campaign has been very well received and the overall response has been that it is bold, interesting and attention grabbing” says Panchamia.


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