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De'Longhi takes the OOH route with brand ambassador Brad Pitt to assert market leadership

By Rajiv Raghunath - March 20, 2023

The campaign has been rolled out in Singapore by Clear Channel

De'Longhi, a global brand that offers consumers innovative products with a unique combination of style and performance, has launched a branding campaign in Singapore that aims to promote its leadership position in a wide range of coffee machines and increase the adoption of fresh bean coffee in households through an OOH domination-pack buy of 1000 ad faces. To elevate their brand building and awareness efforts, De'Longhi is showing a series of ads that includes the flagship models of their fully automatic coffee machine and pump grinder coffee machine as well as the brand’s official ambassador and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, Brad Pitt. 

De'Longhl Campaign with Brad Pitt

De'Longhi leverages Clear Channel's extensive island-wide coverage to seamlessly showcase its ads. Strategically placed on stretches of straight roads with multiple advertising spaces available, the ads follow a carefully designed sequence, beginning with a visual of the coffee bean and progressing to feature the coffee machine, a cup of ready-to-drink coffee, and ends with Brad Pitt holding a cup of coffee. This sequence perfectly mimics the user experience of preparing and enjoying coffee with De'Longhi's fully automatic and pump grinder machines.

The demand for high-quality coffee has been growing due to the rise of specialty coffee shops, however, there is still a gap to fill in the market for bean-to-cup coffee machines and pump grinder coffee machines. De'Longhi's campaign highlights the sophistication of their machines and emphasises their association with fresh beans. By showcasing their ability to replicate the taste and quality of coffee found in specialty coffee shops, De'Longhi hopes to encourage consumers to enjoy café-style fresh bean coffee at home. 

The campaign will run till October 2023 and will be prominently featured in residential and commercial areas where people live and work. 

De'Longhl Campaign

“The buy of our domination pack is a cost-effective approach for De'Longhi to increase brand exposure and impact while engaging with a much wider audience of coffee enthusiasts. This allows De'Longhi to flexibly reach their demographics across all geographic areas, ultimately enhancing brand recognition and solidifying their commitment to delivering high-quality coffee experiences,” said Amanda Woo, Chief Development Officer, Clear Channel Singapore. 

“Although many coffee drinkers enjoy coffee beverages from cafes and specialty stores, they may not realise they can easily brew cafe-quality coffee at home. De’Longhi manufactures a wide range of coffee machines to cater for various coffee brewing needs. To encourage more people to take up home brewing, we aim to increase awareness of the ease and convenience of using De'Longhi machines. Additionally, being visible to consumers in their daily routine, such as during grocery shopping or at work, can further accelerate their desire to enjoy the café lifestyle at home,” said Adeline Tan, Marketing Director at De'Longhi Group.


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