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Colors Tamil casts the big picture on OOH canvas

By M4G Bureau - May 02, 2018

MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions planned and executed the GEC brand’s launch campaign that marked a variety of innovations and innovative formats

Colors, a GEC channel from Viacom, recently launched a regional dialect channel called Colors Tamil in the state of TN. And to hit the TV screens of the regional masses, the brand took the OOH route. MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions was given the task to create awareness and drive tune-ins for Colors Tamil by competing with established television channels. The OOH campaign, rolled out as a multi-market campaign in 47 cities covering 32 districts of Tamil Nadu was planned to drive the impact and reach in the market.

Multiple traditional OOH touch-points were tapped like billboards, bus shelters and pole kiosks etc. layered with transit branding to enhance visibility such as LED screens inside the Railway stations & Bus terminus as well as bus back panels. This strategy was to create a balance between the large and small media formats with transit branding to target the on the go TG. All these destinations were plastered with the channel launch message to create high-recall factor.

To further enhance the brand presence, two innovative executions were carried out by the agency. House wall painting was done on a hillside with Colors brand. While driving to Ooty - The Queen of hills, a viewpoint having a row of houses was selected which were painted with the Colors Tamil brand name. To achieve this, the agency had to go an extra mile to obtain the permissions from the stakeholders. Around 150 houses having approximately 15,000 sq.ft. were covered. Since, Ooty is a well know tourist attraction spot in Tamil Nadu and with the summer approaching, the agency leveraged the location to create brand visibility.

Second innovation was designed on a bus shelter where to register the brand name i.e. Colors Tamil,, an Mp3 player with speakers was installed which played the channel’s Tamil brand song along with other programmes during peak hours of the day. This format was used to reach higher number of audience with a never before done innovation.

Jayesh Yagnik, COO, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions commented, “We got an opportunity to launch a Tamil GEC channel in Tamil Nadu after 7 years and we had to do it right. We left no stone unturned to create impetus in the market with never before seen OOH planning like creating a corridor on Mount Road in Chennai or doing never before done innovations using the regular BQS format. The outcome has been a happy client and a successful OOH launch”.



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