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Bubbly's Rhapsody Goes Outdoor

By Nabamita Chatterjee - December 29, 2015

The brand executed the campaign in 20 cities across India involving the traditional OOH formats around the launch of the product with 810 media units.

To promote Cadbury's Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly, which is India's first aerated chocolate, the product was well supported by a 360-degree communication campaign involving various media mix and innovations at outdoor for targeting the brands core target audience i.e. youth. The on-ground activations at point of sale and sampling at modern trade outlets were also an integral part of the campaign which drove awareness for the product.

Prashant Peres, Director- Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelez India shares with Outdoor Asia, "The objective of the campaign was to highlight Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly's unique product format which is'Bubbles outside and Bubbles inside”. An experiential and innovative activation was set up at a leading mall in South Mumbai where a digital screen was placed with a new Motion Sensor Technology that transformed the normal Silk chocolate into Silk Bubbly with every movement around the screen. This proved effective in creating high recall for the product and a memorable experience that connected with the crowd.” The Bubbled Up walk saw 342 gaming sessions being conducted, with participation from 1403 patrons and 98,000 footfalls at the bubbly zone with 4,45,000 people actually witnessing the zone. The entire activity was highly engaging. We've created a video of the activity that's gained a lot of traction leading with 1.2 million views, 72,000 likes & 7300 shares on FB.
According to the brand, this technology was enhanced and taken to Metro stations, with a regular bar converting into a bar of Bubbly on a digital screen as soon as a train passed by.

Mondelez India targeted 20 cities across India for the traditional OOH activities around the launch of the product for a duration of two weeks with 810 media units covering locations like corporate parks, congregation points, arterial roads, transit media like metros and airports.

"With the help of'Kinetic Academy', a proprietary tool of Kinetic; we drew understanding of city and the media formats that the TG is highly exposed to, thereby creating maximum reach and impact. We created a mix of billboard, unipole, gantry, bus shelters, mall branding, backlit wall, mobile van, poster boxes, pillar branding, flyover bridge, metro panel, facade and bus back panel at various touchpoints city wise.  In addition to this, the brand created larger than life units of Bubbly and placed them at airport conveyer belts with a message of'Just Arrived'. Similar units were placed in multiplexes across the country, announcing the arrival of the'Latest Blockbuster'.

During the execution, the brand faced a couple of challenges. It was critical to ensure that while executing the campaign, they took careful consideration of the brand's premium imagery in the location of sites and selection of media. This ensured that only the choicest of sites were used during the campaign - with the objective of creating impact through stunning visuals.

"Leveraging technology to bring the brand proposition to life in innovative ways was a challenge and that has pushed us to think out of the box, leading to some of the innovations that we have executed in this campaign,” informs Prashant.


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