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Brandonwheelz steers O’cean-branded taxis in Mumbai streets

By M4G Bureau - January 17, 2024

Private taxis with 5-ft tall O’cean bottle mounted atop traversed the bustling streets of Mumbai

O’cean Beverages, in partnership with transit advertising agency Brandonwheelz, launched an innovative campaign to the latest seasonal flavour 'Lively Lychee'. The campaign, named 'Spot The O’cean,' featured a towering, five-feet-tall O’cean bottle mounted atop private taxis that traversed the bustling streets of Mumbai.

Oceans beverage campaign

The spectacle unfolded as the O’cean-branded taxis made strategic stops in city college areas, leaving students awe-inspired by the colossal O’cean bottle. Adding excitement to the campaign, students were given the chance to win enticing prizes through spot-and-win offers, creating a buzz of anticipation among the youth.

Navigating through the cricket gallis of Mumbai, the campaign garnered cheers from local cricket enthusiasts, particularly children who were elated to spot their cricketing idol, Virat Kohli, gracing the O’cean bottle as the brand ambassador. The campaign seamlessly integrated the love for cricket with engaging promotional activities, as children participated in brand-sponsored games with the promise of encountering Virat Kohli, amplifying the thrill of the campaign.

Virat Kohli's brand ambassador for Ocean beverage

Ensuring the safety and security of commuters, the five-feet-tall O’cean bottle was strategically placed in a reclined position on the roof of the taxis, creating a visually striking yet secure presentation. This thoughtful approach resonated with the public, emphasizing the brand's commitment to providing a captivating experience without causing disruption.

In a distinctive move, O’cean Beverages opted to collaborate with private taxi drivers rather than choosing high-end vehicles, reinforcing their identity as a beverage for the common man. Directly compensating the taxi drivers showcased the brand's dedication to inclusivity, further distancing O’cean from the stereotypical association of energy drinks with exotic cars.

The 'Spot The O’cean' roadshow proved to be a refreshing sight for onlookers, garnering widespread admiration from passersby. Social media platforms, particularly Brandonwheelz pages, witnessed an outpouring of positive comments and likes, affirming the campaign's successful connection with the public.

People in front of transit campaign holding drinks

Brandonwheelz, the creative force behind the campaign, expressed satisfaction with the outcome. "Collaborating with O’cean Beverages on this dynamic campaign was truly exciting. Placing giant O’cean bottle on taxis was a deliberate choice to reach every corner of the city, connecting with people from all walks of life. The overwhelming response from the public, especially on social media, validates our belief in creating memorable and relatable brand experiences. ’Spot The O’cean' perfectly encapsulates the essence of the brand and creates an unforgettable visual impact. We are thrilled to witness the positive response the campaign has received," said Mohammed Asghar, CEO at Brandonwheelz.


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