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Panasonic India partners with Lemma Technologies for SignEdge Display Network

By M4G Bureau - September 25, 2019

Through this collaboration, Panasonic aims to expand its technology benefits to a larger vendors ecosystem

Panasonic Panasonic India, a diversified technology company, along with Lemma Technologies, leaders in programmatic DOOH advertising, today launched SignEdge Display Network (SDN), an end-to-end Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising solution, providing retailers and owners of digital screens a new platform that brings flexible, controlled and cost-effective means to sell their digital advertising space to a larger audience. Through this collaboration, Panasonic aims to expand its technology benefits to a larger retail ecosystem by enabling the new SDN technology with Lemma LemmaTechnologies digital advertising platform.

Developed at the Panasonic's India Innovation Centre (IIC), SDN solution helps digital screen retailers and owners to reach out to advertisers for selling their DOOH spaces in real-time through an online platform, expand their reach to advertisers in multiple locations, benefit from dynamic pricing and profit from measurement metrics based on advertisement slot sales. It also enables them to generate additional advertising revenues for the unutilized slots on the existing screens. A brand or a retail outlet using SDN enabled DOOH will not only be able to display ads or branded content relevant to their customers but would also have access to various digital advertisers made available via Lemma’s ad exchange platform - thus ensuring optimal usage of digital screens.

The Panasonic SDN comes with an unique technology and infrastructure, allowing seamless integration capabilities with third-party software’s and applications in digital screen retailers network, enables creation and organization of reports on the DOOH display status with content management system (CMS) software, and offer cloud management services enabling its users to minimize their hardware setup.

Commenting on the launch, Vijay Wadhawan, Director, System Solutions Division, said, “There is a wide array of opportunities in the programmatic publicity ecosystem and with our SignEdge Display Network (SDN) platform, we are taking a leap forward in the industry. Our solution will fairly resolve multiple industry challenges while streamlining the business operations for digital screen retailers and owners and will create additional revenue streams for them. Our solution will also help digital screen retailers with data-driven insights, helping them make informed decisions on their DOOH inventory utilization with advertisers.”

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“With Digital screens being an indispensable part in today’s infrastructural development, our solution with Panasonic SDN creates an opportunity for screen owners to leverage this asset to their advantage. Integration with SDN put’s these screen owners ahead of the curve, with capabilities of serving, tracking and measuring ads much like how mobile and web ads are served today. SND enabled screens would be perceived as digital ready, thus putting them at the forefront of the digital ecosystem” said, Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO Lemma Technologies.

The Panasonic SDN also comes with an intermediate web-based digital advertising platform which enables advertisers to check the details for all of the available screens listed by digital screen retails and owners on the SDN. It also increases the property operation efficiency with increasing the number of advertisers for the same screens at the same place and is beneficial for digital screen retail owners. Through Panasonic’s SDN the advertisers can easily find the appropriate places for providing the advertisement on DOOH, check the screen details without a site visit, get reports and feedback for each digital advertisement. Panasonic SDN will be integrated with Lemma’s ad exchange platform, wherein Lemma will facilitate connecting digital advertisers to screens owner’s basis the brand’s requirements. The advertisement requests from the advertisers will be processed through Lemma’s ad exchange platform and then will be delivered on screens connected to the SDN platform that are most relevant to that advertiser.

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