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ColorJet promotes complete Green Printing with BioPrintTM

By M4G Bureau - October 22, 2019

Being a key industry stakeholder, the printer manufacturer takes the responsibility to contribute to the sustainability of this business ecosystem

Amidst of the single usage plastic ban and stringent steps taken by authorities against the usage of PVC flex ban, COLORJET, a leading manufacturer of Digital Inkjet Printers, as per IDC Q2 2019, comes forward to assure the Sustainability of the print business with its BioPrintTM Technology. In this, the printer manufacturer is ensuring a complete eco-friendly printing solution by using water-based inks, printing process generating minimum toxicants and able to print on alternate media. Thus, ColorJet assures all of their 4000+ existing print partners are a part of this secure and Sustainable print ecosystem.

In this initiative, ColorJet is disseminating the relevant information to the printers, converters and material providers, the company also plans to approach brands to create awareness about the green printing.

Talking about their ColorJet Innovation Laboratories (CIL), M.S Dadu, Chairman – ColorJet said, “CIL constantly innovates and strives to provide the best of the print solutions for their customers as per the industry and environmental norms. CIL, in collaboration with the value chain partners, has been working on developing Sustainable print solutions under Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and Soft Signage segments.”

ColorJet, assures a Sustainable and secure print business with their BioPrintTM Technology, which is specially created for prints on Bio-Degradable and 100% Recyclable Fabric media. As conveyed by Smarth Bansal, DGM-ColorJet, “Being a key industry stakeholder, it is our responsibility to contribute to the sustainability of this business ecosystem. With ColorJet’s BioPrint Technology, we offer future-proof sustainable solutions to all the print business problems. ColorJet’s BioPrint is not just eco-friendly, it is business friendly too! Our GreenTechTM is compliant with all International Print Standards. We had anticipated this scenario 7 years ago and have been working on our products to be future ready.”

Moreover, being an EPR Partner, ColorJet also works diligently under the guidelines of CPCB, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change. Govt. of India, in fulfilling the Extended Producers responsibility with an aim to contribute towards building a greener ecosystem. Under this EPR initiative, they partner with agencies like Goonj and Exigo to offer end to end recycling of Print & Industrial waste.

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