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NoBroker.com launches new multicity campaign

By M4G Bureau - May 10, 2019

Launched in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai, the latest cross-media ad campaign highlights how the real estate platform can help homeowners save on time, effort, and money

NoBroker.com, the leading peer-to-peer real estate platform has recently launched a multicity campaign that underlines the absurdity of paying brokerage for residential real estate. Conceptualised and created by Ralph&Das, the TVC speaks to home-owners who have been paying almost a month’s rent as brokerage, reportedly for very little value addition by brokers. It urges them to list their properties on NoBroker.com where they can rent it out for free.

As much as INR 80,000 crore is reportedly spent as residential real estate brokerage in India every year. The campaign highlights how NoBroker.com enables better matchmaking directly between prospective tenants/buyers and homeowners to drive significant savings in term of time, money, and effort.

Launched across 4 the cities- Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Chennai, the ad campaign targets homeowners and landlords who consume more TV than online media. Considering this is election time and consumption of news channels is at an all-time high, the campaign will be aired across English as well as regional news channels along with GECs. It would be amplified through a diverse mix of media such as TV, radio, digital, OOH, and cinema.

Commenting on the latest campaign, Saurabh Garg, Co-Founder and CBO of Nobroker.com said, "The concept and amount of brokerage charged for services in real estate in India is quite absurd. Also, owners are very emotional about their house. Through this ad, we aim to reinstate the fact that the sum of money that anyone is expected to give as brokerage is totally not worth the service. Once the information asymmetry in real estate is solved there is very little value that a broker adds to the house-hunting/renting process. Our commercial speaks to owners to question the justification for this amount. We are targeting owners who are financially smart and understand the logic of why paying brokerage is absurd."



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