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Leafberry Advertisement Pvt Ltd gets Ludhiana media tender

By Bhawana Anand - January 15, 2019

The third tender attempt has been allotted for Rs 23 crore

Ludhiana Municipal CorporationThe continuously failing tender for Ludhiana media has finally been taken up by Leafberry Advertisement Pvt. Ltd. Kulpreet Singh, Joint Commissioner cum Zonal Commissioner Zone-A of Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, told Media4Growth that the tender has been allotted via an online process where a few other companies also participated.

Leafberry Advertisement Pvt. Ltd, a newly formed company, turned out to be the highest bidder and won the advertisement rights in the industrial town for a duration of 7 years.

The details of the new company are yet to be disclosed. To Media4Growth’s question regarding the relevant experience of the company in handling this business, Singh merely stated that the company is likely to have had the required experience and that it had cleared the technical bid. The Joint Commissioner also confirmed that the letter of allotment will be issued to the company in the next 7-10 working days.

The tender has been allotted in the third attempt as the media owners were ready to take up the tender at a hefty price of Rs 30 crore which was further reduced to Rs 27 crore and now finally to Rs 23. 02 crore.



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