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Xtreme Media inaugurates Experience Centres in Delhi & Bengaluru

By M4G Bureau - December 01, 2022

The brand is strengthening its leadership position in LED display solutions across India through constant innovation, international partnerships, R&D, strategic alliances, organisational development, and brand creation.

Xtreme Media is a leader in LED display solutions, offering its clients cutting-edge LED video wall solutions. Their indoor and outdoor displays are designed and manufactured in India, which provide excellent picture quality and brilliant color reproduction. It has recently crossed the milestone of 1,000+ LED screen installations. With over 25 years of expertise, the brand is known for its built-to-last quality, customer-centric innovations, and best-in-industry service. 

The brand is strengthening its leadership position in LED display solutions across India through constant innovation, international partnerships, R&D, strategic alliances, organisational development, and brand creation. It aims to transform the display solutions industry through the reassurance of unparalleled quality, the delight of customer-centric innovation, the satisfaction of end-to-end customer service, and long-term relationships with partners and customers.

To that effect, Xtreme Media inaugurated new experience centres in Bengaluru and Delhi on the November 24-25, showcasing the best indoor and outdoor LED display series. While exhibiting their products in Bengaluru, the company mainly focused on highlighting two unique products - Vega 2.6 mm display in the shape of a T-arch, and Unify Touch, an interactive small pitch LED display product. The latter is a fantastic breakthrough currently offered by the company, a massive upgrade among similar offerings in the sector.

The display sizes of Unify Touch range from 110" to 165". With annotations, built-in Teams and Zoom apps, and the ability to use Touch to engage with wirelessly shared content. Unify Touch further enhances a meeting's interest levels and effectiveness. In addition, Unify Touch LED display panels support touch input, allowing users to interact with the screen. Along with these features, the sleek aesthetic design of the product enhances and improves the boardroom experience. Unify Touch runs on Unify Swift, in-house software that enables whiteboarding, video conferencing through meeting apps, and smooth wireless content sharing. 

The Delhi experience centre showcased another recently released product series by Xtreme Media. Vega Studio is explicitly designed to support studio applications like a newsroom, virtual production, etc. This device reproduces color accurately, thanks to its high refresh rate and 18-bit grayscale. The installation of the display in an L-shape successfully creates an extraordinary visual experience.

In addition to the new products, Xtreme Media also displayed the Iris series' indoor transparent LED display and indoor and outdoor product cabinets at both the experience centers. These indoor displays are up to 80% transparent, allowing light to pass through without being obstructed, providing an apt experience for retail. Additionally, these displays need less effort to install and maintain because they are thin and lightweight. 

Furthermore, Xtreme Media installed the Unify LED display solution in the conference rooms of both facilities. With Unify, the conference room is free from the clutter of several gadgets because everything is combined into one classy package. An all-in-one LED display solution, Unify was created primarily to increase convenience in boardrooms and conference rooms. 

Xtreme Media's CEO, Sanket Rambhia, was quite optimistic about the overwhelming response at the experience centers. He stated, "These experience centres will benefit our channel partners to get their clients to our experience centers. Here, they can explore our high-quality products and service capabilities like installation and chip-level repair, which set Xtreme Media way ahead of its competition."

The launch at Delhi and Bengaluru experience centres was a massive hit, where Xtreme Media reiterated its promise of offering a 7-year warranty, the first and only one in the industry. Major AV System Integrators were among the numerous guests who attended the inauguration. The experience centre was visited by clients and AV experts, most of whom lauded the products on display at the event. The audience believed that Unify Touch in the Bengaluru centre was an incredible innovation, and they appreciated the installation and chip-level repair services offered by both experience centers. Speaking of the event, one audience member remarked that the superior quality of the goods made Xtreme Media stand apart from its competitors. The inauguration echoed the company's technological prowess and signified the brand's future success.


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