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‘We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution’

By M4G Bureau - July 20, 2023

Shashank Shah, Co-Founder, UtopiaTech shares his thoughts on the changing trends and landscape of the Indian OOH sector ahead of the upcoming OOH Expo in Delhi on 28th and 29th July.

Shashank-Shah,-Co-Founder,-UtopiaTechIn your view, how is DOOH making an impact in the Indian OOH space? And what do you think is the importance of OAC as a platform for OOH solution providers such as yourself?

Today we are witnessing the fourth Industrial revolution where everything is interconnected and the OOH industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Media owners are moving from static media assets to digital media assets, and they have started adopting innovative technologies to give better service and visibility to their clients. And brands have started using tech solutions to track ROI, impressions in order to better track the impact of their OOH campaigns. As media owners have to focus on acquiring new customers and ensuring campaign success, managing day-to-day operations of their assets can be tedious. They have to rely on unprofessional contractors and electricians for maintenance of their sites, and this has led to dissatisfaction among the owners despite spending a significant amount on site maintenance. 

At UtopiaTech, we are committed to solve this problem by using IoT. We are working with media owners to help them digitalize their assets with our solutions. Our solution will give OOH companies remote control and monitoring of electrical infrastructure of their assets. It allows them to control electrical supply to their hoardings, bus shelters, digital screens directly from their mobile application or a web browser. On occurrence of any electrical break down, the system will alert the users in real-time. This helps media owners to proactively manage operations and reduce the complains from the clients. 

With new age digital screens, power consumption has increased drastically. It has become important to monitor electricity consumption on a daily basis. With our solution, media owners can monitor electricity consumption and can take corrective actions to ensure that the daily threshold is not crossed at any point. 

I believe that OAC plays a vital role for industry growth, as collaboration and engagement are crucial for any business. At this year’s OOH Expo, we look forward to engaging with OOH segment market leaders and promote our products and services in the process. We will also be launching our Remote Asset Monitoring Services (RAMS) service at this year’s expo. RAMS will provide end-to-end solutions like implementation of IoT solution, real-time monitoring, ticket generation and fault resolution by following up with the client. Our aim is to become a market leader in IoT solutions and OAC will definitely help us to reach one step closer towards our goal.

For more information & booth bookings, visit our website at www.oacasia.org/oohexpo2023.


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