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Displayforce Box augments digital signage performance marketing

By M4G Bureau - October 11, 2021

The Box can be connected to TVs, Video wall, LED screens

Serge Galeev, CEO, Displayforce.aiDisplayforce.ai, a startup headquartered in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, that developed a platform for digital signage content management and performance marketing, has introduced the Displayforce Box -- a player that connects a screen to the platform and provides all the benefits of indoor video analytics and targeted advertisement in a few moments.

Displayforce Box has a built-in camera that impersonally analyses visitors in real-time using face detection to show the audience the most relevant ads as it happens online. Offers can respond not only to gender, age or interests of the visitors but also to triggers like weather-based on data aggregation. For example, one can set demonstrating umbrellas’ offers only when it’s raining. The Box can be connected to TVs, Video wall, LED screens and powered by the screen.

Displayforce.ai automates relations between retailers and brands, turning digital signage into programmatic ads placements. Brands can advertise with any budget, without the help of a retailer’s content manager while the retailer monetizes 100% of its ad space. With DF Box, retailers, service providers and media owners can test the new channel of offline performance marketing without the significant costs and time spendings. 

On average, implementation of Displayforce.ai gives sales uplift up to 40%, and 2 times increase in revenue from brands-advertisers, now it’s easy to check your own profit in plug and play format.

“Displayforce Box allows decreasing sales cycle by launching a proof of concept for a few days instead of months. Also, the rental model reduces capex. All of it significantly increases ROI of the projects,” says Serge Galeev, CEO of Displayforce.ai


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