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BlueZoo delivers its audience measurement technology to retailers on BrightSign Series-5 media players

By Rajiv Raghunath - February 28, 2024

BlueZoo Impressions, Reach, and Frequency Measurement is cut out for retail media networks

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BlueZoo, Inc, a leader in audience measurement for OOH advertising and retail media networks, has announced it has delivered its impressions measurement software for worldwide deployment of BrightSign’s new Series-5 digital media players.

The incorporation of BlueZoo technology in software form enables BrightSign to offer in-store digital signage that now includes highly accurate measurement of audience reach, dwell time, flow, and related analytics in real time without the need to purchase, install and maintain multiple hardware sensors throughout each location as part of retailers’ in-store retail media networks. 

BlueZoo supports BrightSign media players since 2018

BlueZoo measures the presence and movement of people in a manner that is accurate and privacy-protecting, as well as cost effective and scalable. BlueZoo passively collects smartphone Wi-Fi probes using both BlueZoo proprietary sensor hardware as well as using third-party hardware like BrightSign digital media players. BlueZoo has delivered its sensor software on BrightSign Series-3 and Series-4 media players since 2018.

“Our retail customers are looking to measure their in-store signage activity, both to count digital signage impressions and maximise the overall customer experience,” said Steve Durkee, CEO of BrightSign. 

“The precision with which the BlueZoo solution measures audiences of digital signage throughout retail media networks brings new levels of accuracy and transparency to pricing in-store advertising,” said Claude Sabourin, Director of Business Development at SCHOT, a value-added distributor of both BrightSign and BlueZoo solutions in South-East Asia. “We combine BlueZoo reach and frequency measurements with POS data to better understand the impact of signage on the overall shopper experience.” 

Bill Evans, CEO of BlueZoo, added: “BrightSign’s commitment to innovation and customer value makes them a perfect partner for BlueZoo. BrightSign customers need solutions for audience measurement that are accurate and easy to deploy and maintain.  Deploying BlueZoo software on BrightSign hardware hugely simplifies overall deployment by delivering a solution without additional hardware, or the need for additional connections to power or internet backhaul.  BrightSign’s newest Series-5 players will strengthen their leadership of the retail media networks market as growth continues to accelerate.”

BlueZoo’s newest Winter 2024 software release facilitates managing large constellations of sensors from the cloud, including bulk operations using BlueZoo’s dashboard and mobile app.  BlueZoo customers can define complex customized reports that are sent automatically by email every day, week, month, or quarter to their own customers, partners, and employees.  These reports can include both aggregate and non-aggregated sensor analytics, including visits/impressions, visitors, dwell time, unique visitors, and unique visitor recurrence.  BlueZoo Winter 2024 dramatically expands reporting capabilities by allowing individual reports to deliver multiple report tiles, for different sensors and different time periods, and to overlay analytics describing multiple time periods.

BlueZoo support for BrightSign Series-5 media players is currently in beta test. Users of Series-5 media players are invited to join the early access programme by contacting BlueZoo, Inc. The software is expected to be generally available in Q2 2024.


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