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Arrow Digital installs ‘EFI Pro 24f Flatbed’ printer at its Ahmedabad demo center

By M4G Bureau - July 02, 2020

In this pandemic situation, the printer aims to hit the rigid market by producing high value applications with unmatched quality and speed

Arrow Digital makes a comeback under Unlock Phase 2 by installing EFI Pro 24f Flatbed’ printer recently at its state of the art demo center in Ahmedabad.

This printer leverages variable drop grayscale print-head technology and four colors plus dual channels of white to produce precise, high quality applications on a wide variety of substrates, thin or thick, large or small. A multi-zoned vacuum table holds media of different sizes, helping to ensure tight registration and high image quality. 

This is an extremely painful time for companies across the world, even as the pandemic continues to take its toll, we at Arrow are amplifying our commitment to ensure that the business moves on and we stay positive and try to quickly bounce back to the post Covid19 business. After a long break, we are back and have installed the EFI Pro 24f to hit the rigid market and show the possibilities with the EFI Pro 24f flatbed,” said Sam Patel, CEO and Managing Director, Arrow Digital.

He added, “Many of our customers were always inquiring about a robust flatbed printer which could accomplish high value applications with unmatched quality and speed. We are sure the EFI Pro 24f flatbed will address all of these requirements.”  

It prints high-value applications, such as lenticulars, membrane switches, photographic backlit displays and irregularly shapes and heavy objects. Also, it boasts print speeds up to 1157 ft2/hr, 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality and low curing temperatures that enable substrate diversity for higher-margin work. Along with its flexibility, it is able to handle media as thick as a 2-inch block of wood or as thin as a window cling. The EFI Pro 24f printer's "cool cure" LED technology can help users broaden revenue streams, putting less stress on low-cost, low-melting-point and added-value and high-margin. 

This low energy consumption combined with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and less waste and consumables, also helps make the printer a good option for environmentally conscious print operations. It includes an EFI Fiery proServer Core digital front end, featuring fiery accelerated system technology (FAST) and print on demand functionality.

 The EFI Pro 24f flatbed printer promises to deliver powerful results with outstanding image quality at production speeds, broad colour gamut, optimized ink usage, and access to more profitable jobs.




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