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Work on big ideas to build strong brand identity in the outdoor: Rahul DaCunha

By VJ Media Bureau - July 08, 2014

Recognise and reward good creativity in the outdoor space, says DaCunha

Amul has been an iconic brand in the Indian outdoor space. Rahul DaCunha, Managing Director, DaCunha Communication, spoke about the brand's outdoor journey while addressing a session titled "Truth to be told: Amul - Speaking the language of consumers in the outdoors” on day 2 of OAC 2014.

DaCunha stated that "Till the mid-1960s the brand focused on product-based campaign but after that it was decided that the Amul girl will discuss various topical issues on the hoarding and the impact was enormous. People waited to see what the Amul girl has said on the billboard. Dr Kurien gave full freedom to the agency to deal with the content and no prior approvals were ever sought. Thus to create such iconic impact brands will have to be brave enough, liberal and open-minded.”

The brand takes up a topic a day for its campaign now. Way back in 1975, it touched upon one issue a month. "The content has always been varied -- from politics, music and entertainment, to art and culture, women empowerment, scams, sports and many more. India being such a diversified country with various beliefs and rituals, Amul does rigorous research to address those topics,” he said.

DaCunha stated, "We even did campaigns with five topical issues for five regions and rolled them out at a go. Even within a city like Mumbai two to three different topical issues were touched upon simultaneously. Thus Amul reflects India, India reflects Amul.”

DaCunha asked whether "social media has blanked out outdoors”. He pointed out that Amul prefers to take select sites for its campaign. He added that the quality of outdoor media needs to improve. "Though we created iconic properties today the other brands see various other options to reach out to the masses. The advertising agencies will also have to take the effort to make outdoor advertising more effective,” he said.

In the interactive session, when asked about role of creative in the outdoor space, DaCunha opined that the creative people working in the outdoor industry should be duly recognised and awarded. "To create a brand identity in the outdoor, one needs big ideas. Amul realised the power of the brand mascot,” he said in conclusion.

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