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What Catches Consumer Attention

By VJ Media Bureau - June 02, 2015

Outdoor Asia team sampled consumer views on outdoor advertising in Kolkata & Delhi NCR. The comments are incisive and make interesting reading


Mumpy Sen, Teacher

"Recently my husband got attracted by the outdoor advertisement of Hyundai i20 Active and we went for a test drive as well. We are planning to purchase this new model as both of us liked it. It is true that sometimes outdoor brand campaigns do influence our purchase decision.”

Savita Navalramka, Homemaker
"While travelling on the road I do notice many advertisements and they influence us but it is difficult to remember any particular brand campaign while shopping. Today there is immense clutter with a number of media formats and so many brands fighting for consumer's attention.”

Anwesha Dey, Student
"I notice so many advertisements while travelling on the road, and recently I got very much attracted by the hoarding of Titan Raga and would like to purchase that one day. I feel outdoor advertisement has a lot of impact on the viewers and the brand ambassadors also attracts our attention.”

Shehnaz Parveen, Student
"I loved the outdoor brand campaign of Caprese Bags but haven't got the opportunity to purchase yet. There are many campaigns going on in outdoor, so it is difficult to say which one actually influence our purchase decision.”


Rohini, Teacher

"I usually travel on Delhi Metro, and I found most of the outdoor properties of Delhi Metro are maintained well. If outdoor properties are maintained well, advertisements get noticed. It is value for money for advertisers. Otherwise the whole marketing exercise is defeated.  I generally like all the beauty products splashed on this medium.”  

Arnav Vaid, Corporate Executive

"Arvind Kejriwal is being replaced by Deepika Padukone on outdoor properties in Delhi/NCR. She is brand ambassador of ACE group, a real estate group in Delhi. But the logo of the brand is smaller than the brand ambassador. That's fine to get attention. But I believe people like to see the name of the brand as well.”

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