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UTI MF partners with Resulticks for Omnichannel Customer Engagement Initiatives

By M4G Bureau - September 04, 2019

A leading financial services institution chooses Resulticks to enable secure, integrated B2B and B2C communications that are individualized and delivered at scale

UTI Mutual FundReal-time omnichannel marketing solutions provider Resulticks announced that UTI Mutual Fund (UTI MF), one of India’s largest investment managers, has selected Resulticks as its partner to drive its outcome-driven strategy around omnichannel customer engagement.

With a pan-India presence and an extensive portfolio that addresses the diverse needs of investors, UTI MF aims to empower both its customer and agent ecosystems through a unified communication strategy. UTI MF selected Resulticks Resulticksto service these objectives because of its proven record in improving operational efficiency and delivering top-line growth for businesses.

Gaurav Suri, Head of Marketing at UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. said, “Continuous and consistent experiences are key to customer engagement. It is our endeavor to recognize every individual in context and keep them at the center of every interaction, regardless of touchpoint. Resulticks is a perfect fit from this perspective, given its omnichannel capabilities and ROI-focused approach. Together, we are looking forward to delight our customers with seamless, unique journeys that will form the foundation of long and lasting relationships.”

UTI MF has been off to a fast start with Resulticks, having completed initial implementation, data integration, and commencement of communications across more than three channels within just eight weeks of coming on board. The yearend will see the next phase of roll-out, covering additional channels and AI-powered, automated campaigns.

Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO and Co-founder of Resulticks, said, “These are exciting times, and we are thrilled to be working with a long-standing player in the financial services industry such as UTI MF. The cornerstone of all our engagements has been about facilitating individualized interactions with diverse audience that in turn fuel the organization’s growth through a data-driven, outcomes-based strategy. Resulticks’ AI-powered, real-time communication capabilities, as well as our dedicated team of experts and technologists, combine to make us more than ready to meet these needs.”

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