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Ultraleap, SimplyNUC launch TouchFree bundle for touchless interaction

By Rajiv Raghunath - June 16, 2021

The TouchFree Bundle is a plug and play solution allowing consumers to interact using gesture control.

Ultraleap, pioneer of world-leading hand tracking and unrivalled mid-air haptic technologies and Simply NUC, a global systems integrator specializing in mini computers,  have launched their TouchFree Bundle that will bring hygienic, touchless interaction to locations around the world. 

The TouchFree Bundle is a complete plug and play solution allowing consumers to interact using gesture control. It includes Ultraleap’s hand tracking camera module, Ultraleap’s TouchFree application and a choice of Simply NUC mini PC pre-installed with Ultraleap’s hand tracking software. 

The TouchFree application runs invisibly on top of existing interactive kiosks meaning there is no need to change the interface or write additional code. Using the TouchFree Bundle, downtime to retrofit is kept minimal, interactions remain familiar, and the system continues to be easy for consumers to use. 

Venues like restaurants, train stations, hotels, museums and airports have previously relied heavily on public touchscreens and kiosks. According to Ultraleap research 80% of people now think public touchscreens are unhygienic. As the world opens up, locations are having to adapt to enhance shopping experiences and handle higher volumes. 

Saurabh Gupta, Director of OOH Product at Ultraleap, said, “We’ve worked hard to get the TouchFree application to market to meet the increasing demand for touchless interaction. Combining Ultraleap’s world leading hand tracking and SimplyNUC’s power, customers will have the best-in-class experience. This is the first truly plug and play solution with TouchFree, and we’re excited to make it accessible to more people.”  

“Given the growth of the interactive kiosk industry and the desire from consumers to have touchless interaction, it couldn’t be a better time to partner with Ultraleap and offer a complete solution to easily turn interactive kiosks touchless.” commented Simply NUC’s EMEA CEO, Jonny Smith. “Our mini PC’s combined with Ultraleap’s software and hand tracking camera module creates an ideal bundle for restaurants, retail stores, and many other types of businesses.” 

The TouchFree Bundle is available on Simply NUC’s website, with a choice of kit based on the level of interactivity needed, from essential to premium:  


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