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Ritu Mittal, Head of Marketing and Digital, Bayer Consumer Health, joins OAA 2024 Jury

By Sakshi Sanghavi - May 28, 2024

OAA is a prestigious platform that celebrates excellence in Indian OOH advertising,” says Ritu Mittal, Head of Marketing and digital at Bayer Consumer Health as she joins the distinguished OAA 2024 Jury.

OOH Advertising Awards (OAA 2024) has Ritu Mittal, Head of Marketing and Digital, Bayer Consumer Health, joining as a distinguished member of the Jury.

Ritu Mittal for OAA jury

Ritu currently heads Marketing and Digital at Bayer Consumer Health Division in India. A transformative, consumer-centric brand builder, she has a track record of delivering consistent double-digit growth across diverse businesses in FMCG, Consumer Health and Tech over close to two decades. She joined Bayer India in June 2020 as one of early-stage members while the new Consumer Health division was being formed. She played a critical role in defining the vision and shaping the business model for the newly launched division, while setting up the marketing and digital function for the business. She has transformed conversations on multiple health care brands like Vicks and Saridon via unique and engaging storytelling formats.

Highlighting whether creativity receives its due recognition in the OOH industry, Ritu says, “The creative landscape in Indian OOH advertising has significantly evolved, incorporating digital screens, dynamic engaging content, and innovative interactive formats. Creativity is flourishing with interactive 3D executions using contextually relevant messaging. Recognition for OOH creativity is challenging due to its transient nature, but platforms like the OOH Advertising Awards help elevate and celebrate outstanding work.”

Talking about how OOH is perceived in brand media planning strategies, Ritu highlighted, “Brands across categories are using OOH to augment brand awareness and trial. OOH advertising now includes dynamic interactive content, real-time updates, and location-based targeting. Digital OOH offers flexibility and personalisation, integrating seamlessly across other media channels like social media and TV. Data-driven insights improve targeting, ensuring ads reach the right audience at the right time.” 

Sharing her perspective on OOH Advertising Awards (OAA), she emphasised, “OAA is a prestigious platform that celebrates excellence in Indian OOH advertising. It highlights exemplary campaigns, innovative designs, and impactful executions. By showcasing winning works, the OAA inspires industry-wide creativity and encourages agencies and brands to push boundaries.”

Spotlighting her eagerness as a distinguished jury member of the OAA, Ritu exclaimed, “I would evaluate across the aspects of creativity, execution, impact, and innovation. When it comes to creativity, I shall be looking for authenticity, insightful ideas, and conceptual brilliance. In execution, attention to detail and overall production quality are crucial to assess. Under impact, it is important to assess how well the campaign resonates with the audience and whether it meets its goals and objectives. It's important that the campaign aligns with the brand's identity and message. Finally, I am eager to see innovation - fresh ideas, unconventional formats, and smart use of technology will really stand out.” 


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